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Zeiss Victory HT vs Swarovski EL – Which Is Better?

When you ask whether Zeiss Victory is better than Swarovski EL, it’s like asking whether Lamborghini is better than Ferrari. Yes folks, it is actually quite difficult to announce a clear winner between these two binos. However, binoculars are personal choices. After all, no two eyes or hands are the same. When it comes to the Zeiss optics, they are considered the best as far as image quality is concerned. It is German company that has been producing the sports optics for several years. While we compare Victory HT and Swarovski EL, it is interesting to note that even the previous generation Victory FL binoculars were superb to use and were outstanding rivals to the Swarovski EL series. Now, when it has updated the HT models, the quality of Zeiss optics remains the same. In fact, some users find it better that Swarovski. Let’s find out how Zeiss is proving to be worthy opponent to Swarovski.


Zeiss Victory HT 8×42 displays a traditional design. Although this is not the most compact binocular that you will come across but it feels fantastic to hold it and it is quite light in weight. When you look at the design of this bino you realize that lots of thought has gone into it. Swarovski EL 8.5×42 uses the open hinge design that is quite prevalent nowadays.

Coming back to Zeiss Victory HT, the rubber armor used is quite strong. The eyecups are comfortable and there little details have made this device a quality one. The labeled rain guard has a quality feel about it! As far as the mechanics are concerned, it is just perfect. The focusing is precise and freely rotating wheel is packed with a high quality rubber grip for better focusing. The focusing is not critical as was the case for Conquest HD. Thus, this binocular is easy to adjust. It is also easy to use and displays a robust design.

Zeiss Victory HT vs Swarovski EL


When it comes to optics, Swarovski has always been the clear winner. This Swiss company has been in the business fraternity for ages. The Swarovski EL binos are superbly engineered to provide enhanced user experience. However, this time Zeiss has clinched a clear victory in the optics department. The images are crisp and bright on viewing. As you adjust the device, the images becomes sharp, clear and represent the colors perfectly. There is no tint. Moreover, though the binos are only 8x but the objects seem to appear bigger. It seems more like 10x. With its outstanding field of view, the binoculars are also useful for viewing scenarios.

Although Swarovski might not agree but the optical quality of Zeiss is hard to match this time. Moreover, these are lighter than Swarovski as well. The price, too, is important. These are £250 cheaper than Swarovski. It is hard to believe how Zeiss offers such an impressive optic at £1459.

There is one thing common between both Swaorvski and Zeiss – both are available online. If you are looking to purchase one of these online, then websites like EuroOptic.com can be of quite the help.

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