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Why Benelli Ethos Is Better Than Beretta A400

Benelli Ethos boasts of an operating system that is inertia driven and was manufactured by Benelli back in the 70s. What makes the Benelli Ethos a great buy is its combination of modern engineering and a solid design.

Benelli Ethos certainly is a great combination of stylish looks and a strong mechanism. As a shooter the first thing that you will be admired of is the fast loading mechanism. This is a great feature as hunters can take a second shot if they miss their target in the first. The newly designed Benelli Ethos comes with a detent. The Gun’s wooden stock is adjustable and it can make a pull of fifteen inches. In case there’s a shorter pull that is required, then even without affecting the PCS, it can be reduced to 13 ¾ inches.

The gun also comes with a twenty-eight inch hammer forged barrel. Some of the designs of this gun is inspired from its predecessors with some fine changes which makes this gun all the more stylish and reliable. There are 2 variants of this gun, the 26 inch and the 28 inch and both has a 3 inch chamber on both. The gun’s carbon fiber rib imparts a classy look to it and is also more durable than steel. What makes it a better choice is that even if gets damaged somehow, it can still be replaced easily without having to call upon an expert gunsmith. All that needs to be done in order to replace it by turning the screw near the muzzle.

Benelli Ethos 20 gauge

The Benelli Ethos is said to be a great gun for newbies as well. Well, with a progressive comfort system that has a recoil pad it certainly is easier and comfortable for one to shoot with it without feeling it much on the hand and arms. Besides this, the Benelli Ethos also has a recoil absorbing device right at the center of the pad. This thing is made up of flexible and a synthetic material which has both a movable and a static part. The movable part of the Benelli Ethos is capable of moving as much as 1.6 inches to and fro. Benelli Ethos Reviews also point out at the cross bolt safety feature that the gun comes with and is located behind the trigger. It allows the gun to function to smoothly. What further make the gun all the more reliable is its 5 year warranty that Benelli offers.
The Benelli Ethos shotgun is often compared with the Beretta A400 which is called the versatile auto-loader. It is designed for 3 and a half inch shells. However the bulk of shells that are used here are the lighter ones. The gun’s gas operating system does not have any issue with the lighter shells at skeet range. The gun has been packed with a precise mechanism that makes it easy to disassemble the gun. It just requires a little turn on the forend of the gun to make it release the same and removing the barrel.

Both the guns therefore are in close competition but considering the ‘easy to use’ quotient the Benelli Ethos is a clear winner.

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