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Why Aimpoint Red Dot Sights Are Recommended for Law Enforcement?

Did you know why Aimpoint caught the fancy of the serious shooters and hunters? There are primarily two reasons for this. Firstly, the price range is affordable and secondly, the battery back-up for these red dot sights is simply amazing. Besides these there are other advantages owing to which the law enforcement officials prefer this optics. One of the reasons is that Aimpoint red dot sights can be used with both eyes open. The field of view presented by them is unlimited for any distance. In addition, the eye relief is unlimited. As a result the position of the eye behind the sight hardly matters. It does not affect the target or the aiming point while shooting.

The bright red dot is very easy to see and your eye instinctively aligns it with your target. Unlike the lenses in cheaper red dot sights, Aimpoint’s lenses transmit nearly 100% of all wavelengths of light. This means that colors appear natural and are not distorted. Because of Aimpoint’s unique double lens system, the sights are parallax-free, meaning that no matter where on the lens you see the dot reflected, your point of aim will be your point of impact.
Shots that have to be fired with little time to think are always difficult. At these times it doesn’t matter if the range is short or long or if the target is standing still or moving. It is in such situations that Aimpoint proves its superiority over all other sights.

Aimpoint Red Dot Sight
If you are wondering how the Aimpoint principle works, then here it is.The red light from the LED is reflected back to your eye from the front lens (double lens). All other light passes through unobstructed.Regardless of where you position your eye, the reflection of the LED is always parallel with the sight’s optical axis thanks to the design of the double lens and its light refraction property. The points of aim and impact always coincide.

However, in other sights, the conventional lens used in the majority of red dot sights gives an angled reflection when the dot is not centered on the lens. The farther from the center of the lens you have the dot, the greater is the deviation from the optical axis. In this case the point of aim and the point of impact can never be the same.

So good is it for professional use? In certain situations you just cannot afford to miss.Aimpoint red dot sights are widely used among professionals within military and law enforcement units.

The US Army saw the advantages of the Aimpoint system at an early stage and exposed the sights to 18 months of exhaustive tests with heat, cold, physical abuse and soaking in water. Today the armies of the United States and France as well as several special units in various countries are equipped with Aimpoint red dot sights. It is the combination of speed and precision together with rugged design that these users value most.

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