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Want a Self-Defence Weapon that Never Runs out of Bullets? Try a Sword!

Are you going to a fight? What weapon comes to your mind first, a gun, right?! Well, when you are out in the wild or in a special ops task, you have a high chance of running out of bullets. So, what do you do then? You will be stuck in an adverse situation, without any means of protection. Now, you could definitely carry a gun; but when it comes to self-defense, you should also think about a trusty knife.

Perkin Knives

Samurai warriors have been known to carry amazing swords, so why not carry one? The traditional swords were quite large, making them inconvenient to carry around. Now, stores like Perkin Knives are making swords that are great survival tools as well as effective self- defense weapons that are easy to carry.


How to Prepare for A Counter Attack with Your Weapon of Choice?

When, you are facing an adversary, person or animal, you will need to be ready for attack and counter-attack. It is not an easy task. Here is how you can prep and be ready to protect yourself:

  1. Understand the weapon and its power: The power of a weapon actually lies in how you deploy it! There is a certain way of operation, and one mistake could be disastrous. So, you need to first understand how to use the weapon — sword, knife or gun. Do not rush, or you could end up hurting yourself.
  2.  Observe your Surroundings: It is not necessary that attacks come from one side only. You need to have good observation power and use the weapon accordingly. If, there is more than one adversary, do not jump into the fight. Use tactics to gain a good understanding of your surroundings! If all fails, you should be able to find the nearest escape route fast.
  3. Quick Access to your Weapon: Fumbling to get your weapon out can be the path to injuries or worse, death. Do you really want that?! Definitely not! Carry your self-defense weapon in such a way that it can be easily accessed.


These tips and tricks can be used for all kinds of weapons, gun or sword. If you want to carry a gun, go ahead, but carry your sword as well. In case you run out of bullets, it can be your life savior. Many top-notch stores have swords for sale in the UK. Find yours today!


What Mistakes do most people commit while selecting a Sword?

Now, that you are visiting the store for swords you need to avoid some common mistakes that many amateurs make. In fact, many experts also commit these silly mistakes. Sounds impossible?! Well, it is the truth! Here are some of those mistakes:


  1. If you are looking to buy a self-defense sword, then sharpness and blade strength should be your number one concern. Many people forget that and opt for a sword that has decorative handles or tassels hanging from the handles. Did you know that these can offer a hindrance in your efforts of self-defense?! If you did not, then believe us, when we say always choose functionality over looks, for swords!


  1. Amateurs get excited by seeing a huge sword, and, invest in it! Do not commit this mistake; because in modern times, a huge sword will be a liability and not an asset. It will be difficult to win the battle with a huge sword!


  1. Do you think swords can chop down trees or cut through a concrete wall? If you are saying yes, then forget about using the sword for self-defense. A sword could help with tasks like cutting meat, vegetables, and fruit, but not chopping wood. Trying to do such tasks will only damage the sword, ruining your self-defense efforts. The maximum your sword could help with is shaving wood, but no more than that!


When you head out to buy your self-defense weapon, a gun is a good option, but a sword is an amazing option. Talk to the experts, and find a durable and sturdy sword to help you protect yourself in the most adverse situations!

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