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How To Use Rangefinders For Deer Hunting?

Technology in modern world is an ever changing process and its impact is felt in every field, including the sports optics. Rangefinders are relatively new concept in the world of sports optics. These are suitable replacements for the traditional binoculars. As is evident from their names, a rangefinder is used to measure the range or distance from the target. These are as compact and portable as any binocular. There are several well known brands that offer these devices. For instance, the Leica Rangemaster is one such product that has captured the attention of the users. But before you get into buying one for yourself let’s explore a bit more on these equipment.

Rangefinders are available in various kinds, like, a laser rangefinder. As you can guess, laser technology is used to manufacture them. As far as their applications are concerned, these are rampantly used by law enforcement and military snipers for achieving that perfect shot. Rangefinders are also in use in the forestry and virtual reality systems. But the best part is that the rangefinders can also be utilized for hunting, more specifically, deer hunting! Thrilled, aren’t we? But before you start to use it, you should know how?

Leica CRF1000 Rangemaster

As I mentioned before, there are majorly two types of rangefinders including the the laser one. A laser rangefinder will use a laser beam to measure a distance from the object. Now, if you are an avid Whitetail hunter, you will know how important it is to to acquire the correct distance measurement from the deer. And if you do not own a rangefinder yet, it is time you should. You can either opt for a Leica CRF or some other brand. As far as technology is concerned, these devices are way ahead of the units that were available even four years back. These devices are more rugged and their battery usage is minimum too. These features are making a rangefinder more popular than the traditional binos. Since these are more rugged, they are preferred for hunting in areas like Afghanistan or Africa where the climate is untempered.

Leica Rangemaster 1200

However, while buying a rangefinder never buy an unit that does not have an angle-compensating feature. This spells out the distance you need to aim for and not just the line-of-sight distance. Every good brand has such a feature. If the one you are looking through does not have this feature, drop it! Moreover, there are several brands that sell these units and you can easily take your pick.

The best part about these devices is that they give an idea on how far you will have to travel to shoot. A little bit of calculations will help you through. Whether you are using a Leica Rangemaster or another brand, do not become dependent on these devices. They are here to help you in your hunting expedition but it’s your skill that will spell success or failure!

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