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Turkey Hunting Grand Slam – A Few Things You Must Know

Are you passionate about turkey hunting? Obviously, hitting the grand slam is the aim of your lifetime. There are four wild turkeys that can be harvested – Eastern, Rio Grande, Merriam’s, and Osceola (Florida). These species can be harvested either in one season or over a longer period of time. There is no time limit for achieving a grand slam. As far as carrying weapons are concerned, try out the Accuracy International Rifles. You can also try out the Nightforce SHV 4-14×56 MOAR as far as optics are concerned.

The grand slam wild turkeys are spread out across the United States. Before you can achieve your wild turkey grand slam you’ll need to know more about these wild turkeys and where to find them. In North America, there are two species of turkey, the ocellated turkey (found in Mexico) and the wild turkey (found in the United States). The wild turkey is further divided into six subspecies. Four of these six subspecies are the grand slam wild turkeys. They are the Rio Grande wild turkey, the Eastern wild turkey, the Merriam’s wild turkey, and the Osceola wild turkey.

Rio Grande Wild Turkey

Rio Grande Wild Turkey

The Rio Grande wild turkey can be found in many states including the following:

  •         Kansas
  •         Oklahoma
  •         Colorado
  •         New Mexico
  •         Texas
  •         Oregon

Eastern Wild Turkey

Eastern Wild Turkey

The Eastern wild turkey is the most common subspecies of wild turkey found in North America. Hunters will find Eastern wild turkeys all along the East Coast of the United States and as far west as Missouri and Michigan. The Eastern wild turkey can also be found in Canada. The Eastern wild turkey is the species most often harvested by wild turkey hunters.

Merriam's Wild Turkey

Merriam’s Wild Turkey

If you are seeking the Merriam’s wild turkey, you will need to visit the Rocky Mountains. Merriam’s wild turkey is also found in:

  •         South Dakota
  •         Montana
  •         Wyoming
  •         New Mexico

Osceola Wild Turkey

Osceola Wild Turkey

The least common wild turkey in the United States is the Osceola. This bird is only found in Florida, most often in the Peninsula. Typically hunters have luck finding them near swaps where it is easy for the birds to find amphibians to eat.

Hunting for wild turkeys is quickly becoming one of the most popular types of hunting in the United States. Most often, wild turkey hunters head to the woods for their harvest in the spring.

There are a total of six slams in the world of turkey hunting. Each one has its own set of rules and regulations. However, to achieve any of them is a notable feat for hunters in the turkey hunting community.

Pursuing a wild turkey grand slam is not only great for bragging rights, it is also the perfect way to experience hunting around North America. Hunting turkeys in Colorado is extremely different than hunting wild turkeys in Florida. Each one has its own unique set of terrains, climates, and challenges. Pursuing the wild turkey grand slam will provide you with the opportunity to live out your passion from North to South and East to West – across this great nation.

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