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Top 5 Easy Gun Maintenance Tips

Gun Maintenance TipsWhen it comes to gun safety, one often-overlooked way of reducing risks is to practice regular gun maintenance. This is because weapons that don’t receive regular cleaning and maintenance are more prone to malfunction and misfire for a variety of reasons.

One major area of concern is the barrel of the weapon. If you don’t regularly clear your gun’s barrel of debris, it will be more likely to malfunction. The same goes for weapons that aren’t treated regularly with gun-cleaning fluids. In order to help avoid these types of potential problems, here are 5 easy and effective gun maintenance tips.

1. Purchase a Cleaning Rod

Buying a cleaning rod is one of the best purchases you can make to keep your gun in good working order. Cleaning rods are used to clear dirt, built-up lubricant, or other blockages from the barrel of the gun. However, be sure to use a cleaning rod that is made of a metal that’s softer than the steel of the gun’s barrel, or you risk damaging the barrel during cleaning.


2. Use a Bore Brush

Every time you clean your weapon, you should use a brush to further clean the inside of the barrel after using a cleaning rod. As with the rod, you need to be sure the brush isn’t made of a material that could damage your gun’s barrel, as even small nicks in the barrel can affect the weapon’s accuracy.


3. Use Reliable, Good-Quality Ammunition

Using high-quality, non-corrosive ammunition is another way to maintain your weapon. To avoid having to use old, dirty or rusted ammunition, you should buy only as much ammunition as you’ll reasonably use. In addition, you should find a nearby or online store with high-quality ammo for sale, and stick with the type that is recommended for your gun; never use an ammo type that wasn’t intended for the firearm.


4. Apply Preservative to Outside of Gun

If you want to save time spent on future maintenance and repairs, one easy and effective method is to treat your gun’s exterior finish with a light coat of gun oil or a metal preservative. Doing this regularly ensures that the exterior of your gun will remain in good condition.


5. Use Suitable Gun-Cleaning Fluids

Because of the extreme heat and harsh conditions inside of your weapon when it fires, commonplace cleaning and lubricating solutions like WD-40 aren’t serviceable for maintaining your weapon. You’ll want to purchase a reliable gun cleaning kit which includes gun solvents, degreasers and lubricants, and apply them between uses of your gun.

By following these simple gun-cleaning tips, you can keep your gun in working condition for years. Improperly maintained weapons can pose a safety hazard, or at the very least make your gun less accurate, so proper cleaning is vital.

Keeping your gun clean and well-maintained isn’t difficult. Best of all, by taking the time to keep your weapon in good condition on a regular basis, you reduce the chance of serious malfunctions in the future.

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