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The Three Generation Of Leica CRF

Most optics companies do not offer a maximum distance value that is applicable in the practical environment. However, Leica offers a maximum distance value that a regular person can easily use. Many companies advertise and promise to offer a rangefinder with a 1000 yards field of view. But in real world it gives only 400 yards view. But Leica on the other hand give 1200 yards field of view if you buy 1200 yard Leica. The last three generations of rangefinders from Leica have been built all with same chassis through this they improved their reputation as the manufacturer of rangefinders.


Leica Units break down: by Generation
When you have decided to buy any Leica CRF rangefinder you must consider some facts before buying. There are three generations of Leica CRF rangefinder and there break down is like this.

First Generation of Leica CRF 900 and 1200
Whether you choose a Yardage model or Metric model both measures only direct distances. However, no ballistic or incline compensation is there. It is true that both of them are one of the fastest and reliable products on the market.

Second Generation of Leica CRF 800 and 1600
With an improved substantial range these allows switching between yards and meters. Leica’s 1600 model also have some extra applications such as barometer, temperature reader and inclinometer.

Third Generation of Leica CRF 1000 and 1600 B
With an advantageous and advance technology these two have something that other rangefinders don’t have. In this unit of Leica the ballistic engine proves a victory over others. When Leica 1600 B CRF entered the market it became the favorite of professional hunters. It is faster, smaller and brighter in display than the other, while having an equal price. It is specially designed for ambitious sportsmen and F-class shooters.

1600 B is the pinnacle for rangefinding technology. All of these units are easy to maintain, sleekly built and comes with a long battery life. Unlike other rangefinders Leica will range your target accurately and quickly. The price tag is also not very high that one can’t afford however, the quality is something that you will never forget.

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