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The Smart Features That Make The Benelli Legacy A New Age Gun

Claimed to be the lightest in the genre of semi-auto shotguns, the Benelli Legacy is one of the best shotguns in its league. The shortened magazine tube along with the carbon fiber rib helps in making the Benelli Legacy a smart gun which is quite easy to carry and use. The light weight along with its classy design enables users to carry the gun easily with one hand. Another great feature about this gun is that it has a minimum recoil which makes it a very easy to use.

The gun comes with a barrel that measures 26 inches and weighs only 4.9 pounds. The same shotgun in the 20 gauge comes with a 6 pounds barrel, hence this is a clear winner in terms of ease of usability. As stated above the carbon-fiber texture of the gun adds a class to it which enchants the onlooker. The black end’s shape is like that of a nuclear reactor cooling tower with a diamond webbing.  The trigger guard of the gun is made up of polycarbonate and is nicely carved to give the gun a great look.


Benelli has indeed spent months in the design of this gun and that has been a fruitful time investment. The Benelli Legacy 28 has a black chrome –moly polish on its upper receiver and barrel. It comes with an AA-satin walnut weathercoat which enhances its class.

Much like a sub-gauge shotgun, the Benelli Legacy is scaled down in all aspects. Benelli had also made a change in its 4+1 magazine capacity and made it a 2+1 for the 2 ¾ inch shells.

What makes this gun so popular among all reviewers is the ease it brings in shooting. This gun has been a well-designed and well-engineered one from the house of Benelli. On various aspects the Benelli Legacy has defied the conventions of gun making only to marvel users further.


The Legacy series is for the lovers of style, reliability and performance. The USP of the Benelli Legacy 28 gauge is that it is built around the reliable inertia-driven system with minutest of precision. Here are some quick points about the Benelli Legacy sport that makes it an ultra-reliable and much in demand.

7 Quick Points That Defines the Benelli Legacy

  • It has got a great design.
  • It is much lighter compared to others in the league. This makes it easy to carry and shoot.
  • The Benelli Legacy Sport can be a great gun for shooting upland birds.
  • It has a polished finish which makes it look quite stylish and new age.
  • The butt stock pattern adds comfort and makes it easy to shoot with it.
  • The inertia mechanism is a very smooth. Though it is not as smooth as a gas mechanism but overall it’s quite impressive.
  • The forend of the gun too is quite impressive as it adds a lot of ease to the shooting process.

These features together make the Benelli Legacy a new age gun which has got a great hold and a smooth function and that too with an impressive price tag.

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