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The Benelli Montefeltro vs. The M2 – A closer Look On The Technical Nitty-Gritties

The Benelli M2 is an advanced shotgun which is fast and accurate. The gun comes with a 28 inch barrel but does not have a 30 inch option. Experts opine that a 30 inch variant would have been a great addition to it. However, comparing it with other guns in its range, the Benelli M2 shotgun is much faster and doesn’t have much weight as it does not have a piston or a gas collar. The design is quite a nice one as it does not require cocking rods as well. Benelli Shotguns are a perfect fit where one is up to some serious hunting. Especially those looking for a gun to hunt down a pig, where the shot needs to be precise and powerful from a good distance, then the Benelli M2 shotgun would be apt. This Benelli shotgun also has a rotating bolt-head. This is attached by means of a short to a beach-block. This thing compresses when a shot is fired. The working part of the gun moves to the back thereby ejecting the cartridge case to load a fresh mount.

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The Benelli Montefeltro has a 7 mm cross-cut vented rib which adds continuity to the sight line. The gun also has a red high bead that enhances visibility. There’s a well-designed pip, is seated right in the mid-way along the strip that dissipates heat. These features make the Benelli montefeltro 20 gauge an apt one for amateurs. The montefeltro is often termed as an all-round shotgun that is a perfect device to hunt down birds. The gun comes with a complete set of multi-chokes, which is quite commendable. The gun also comes with a full set of spacers and shims which can be used to make adjustments of the walnut butt. The heel drop and angle of comb can be customized to the convenience of shooter. Here’s a closer study that will give a better idea on the Benelli montefeltro vsM2 debate.


The Benelli M2 is a semi-automatic shotgun while the Montefeltro is a bolt/single shotgun. The former has a capacity of 3 rounds while the latter has a 4 round capacity. The M2 has a length of 42.5 inch while the Benelli montefeltro 20 gauge has a length of 45.5 inch. The barrel length of the former is 21 inch as compared to the 24 inch of the latter.


When it comes to the ballistic performance the M2 has a caliber of 12 gauge and the Benelli montefeltro 20 gauge too has the same caliber. The M2 has a red-bar front and a metal bead mid-sight, while the monty only has a red-bar front.

The M2 has a synthetic finish whereas the monty comes with a satin walnut finish. The former comes with a case, chokes, pad and lock while the accessory set of the latter comprises of case, chokes, shu,m kit, pad and sling. The M2 includes the C, IC, IM, F and a wrench while the Benelli montefeltro 20 gauge includes Benelli Crio Chokes F, M, IC and wrench.

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