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The Benelli Montefeltro – A Combo Of Smart Features And Great Price

The Benelli Montefeltro comes with the much talked about and proven ‘inertia mechanism system’ that uses recoil instead of gas (from fired cartridge) in order to make it work. There are two prime advantages of this system. There are absolutely no gas piston which works with the tube of the magazine. This further implies that the forend of the gun will be slimmer and that will make it fit in the tube. Now, this entire mechanism makes the gun one of the lightest ones in its league and very easy to shoot with.

Benelli Montefeltro

What makes this a great machine is its easy shooting method which is absolutely clean. The fact that there are no gas leakages either from the piston or from the barrel (which usually become dark and dirty), ensures that the gun is cleaner to use.

Benelli Montefeltro reviews have rated this gun pretty highly and the sheer design and make if the gun had a considerable part to play in getting that handsome review. The black action frame of the gun that comes with a silver panel on each side of the gun has game scenes engravings on it. It also has a duck engraving on one side of it and a woodcock on another. The Benelli Montefeltro that comes with a 28 inch barrel that is chambered to cope with the magnum cartridges measuring 3 inches. The barrel is so fitted that it supports multi chokes Five of these come along with the gun and with that the buyer also gets a suitable key.


Another impressive feature is the eight millimeter ventilated top rib of the gun that is finished with red foresight and has also been matted with lines that are squared in order to lessen the reflection of light and the glare. This feature makes it pretty easy for hunters to get an accurate aim even in bright sunny days when the sun is right in front. To make the gun weigh less, the action frames of the gun has been carved out of an alloy which is highly glossed. The black colored barrel is a nice match with this.


The Benelli Montefeltro also comes with an extra robust locking bolt. The gun’s end of the barrel re finished with chrome which ensures a good protection and blade of the trigger is gold plated which adds a classy look to the Montefeltro. The stock of the gun is lightly cast for right hand users. This however cannot be well adjusted for left handers because Benelli only manufactures left hand models on orders. This is one aspect that has been brought by several Benelli Montefeltro Reviews.

Another useful feature of the Benelli Montefeltro is that the stock of the gun has three drop positions. These can be achieved by changing the shims and the shims come with the gun. The total weight of the gun is a little over 7lb, which again makes it easy to carry. These features together make the Benelli Montefeltro – a great gun at the price at which it comes.

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