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Kimber Mountain 308 Rifle Review

Shunning the standards in about every route from gimmicks to appearance, the 4lb 15oz. (in .308 trim) Mountain Ascent is a genuinely radical flight from the brain desensitizing absence of creative ability one can discover on almost any firearm shop’s rack. Where this somewhat restless styled Kimber makes its name ...

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Comparison Between Nightforce ATACR Vs Nightforce BEAST

Nightforce Beast Scope

Nightforce has made numerous quality Riflescopes through the years. Yet two most paramount lines of gadgets between them are Nightforce ATACR Scopes and BEAST. Two gimmicks that both these gadgets brag of being great and accurate. While BEAST is known as a powerhouse entertainer, Nightforce ATACR 5-25×56 is a progressed ...

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Elcan Specterdr 1-4x Review

Elcan Specterdr 1-4x

It is a generally acknowledged proverb of most rifle degree clients that the amplification settings between the least and most noteworthy amplification of an extension are to a great extent unused. This is by all accounts, especially valid for the 1-(n) x extension class. The Elcan Specterdr abstains from these ...

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Compare Eotech Red Dot Sight & Aimpoint Red Dot Sight

Eotech Red Dot Sight

The decision between Eotech Red Dot sight and an Aimpoint red spot sight is a win-win choice. Both sight offer astounding optical execution, close indestructibility, and a demonstrated reputation in the fight.   Eotech vs Aimpoint Housing Specs Specs like size, weight, and measurements are imperative to analyze between sights ...

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Compare Nightforce ATACR vs Vortex Razor


Nightforce corner emphasized very much a couple of new rifle scopes. The Nightforce ATACR 5-25×56 where ATACR stands for ‘Advanced Tactical Rifle Scope’ is truly noteworthy. Nightforce has stuffed the extension with ED Glass for super perceivability and clarity, and the less force of 5X is going to provide for ...

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Zeiss Victory HT 10×42 Review For Hunters

Zeiss Victory HT 10×42

Binoculars are all that much an individual choice, no two sets of eyes or hands are the same. The review underneath is expected to give the potential customer and all the more start to finish assessment of a binocular, so they can use this information against their particular necessities. Intended ...

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Compare Your Gear – Nightforce SHV vs Vortex PST

Nightforce SHV 4-14x56 rifle scope

In this blog we will make a comparison between Nightforce SHV vs Vortex PST Vortex Optics is a company founded in America but with various manufacturing facilities around the globe. They are widely known as manufacturers of outstanding rifle scopes with low price points. Their rifle scopes, while affordable. are ...

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Elcan’s Dual And Tri-FOV Optical Gunsights

Elcan 1-3-9x Tri-FOV

ELCAN Optical Technologies is a leading manufacturer of various military optics. Located in Canada, the company is actually owned by Raytheon, an American corporation specializing in manufacturing various weapons and military accessories. Elcan scopes are a popular choice among hunters, particularly the Elcan Specter DR line of scopes featuring different ...

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A Defensive Carry Kimber Or Colt

Kimber 45

Kimber pistols have appealed generations for their accuracy and reliability. Beginning from the 1970s Kimber has built up for itself an unfailing reputation of having evolved an unique set of 1911 pistols that has caught the imagination of a wide range of shooters from several professions, including participants in the ...

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