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Top 5 Tactical Scopes For Top Shooters

Top 5 Tactical Scope

Follow my blog with Bloglovin For a regular shooter, firearms gear is a personal choice and more than often their choice of guns and scopes do not really change. If you are used to a Vortex scope, you will probably like to stick to it. However, since last year, the ...

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What Is Special About Lightweight Rifles?

Lightweight Rifles

The major rifle manufacturers are exploring the avenues never explored before. Ruger, Sako, Kimber, Remington, Browning, and Weatherby are some of the makers that offer lightweight rifles with thin barrels and synthetic stocks. Besides being well know, all these brands manufacture lightweight and long range hunting rifles. In fact, Kimber ...

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Top 5 Kimber Mountain Ascent Rifles – Infograph


Kimber America have always made lightweight rifles for hunters. The Mountain Ascent unit is quite lighter as it have less material on both the bolt body. I have tested myself kimber mountain ascent .280 Ackley which is an 84L model with the long action. This year I am planning to ...

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Winchester Offers New Model 1873 Sporter


Of all American guns few are as iconic as the Winchester Model 1873. The lever-action rifle, after all, was the “Gun that won the west.” The carbine’s heyday as a military firearm and a tool for taming the American frontier might be over, but the demand for the historic rifle ...

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The USMC M40 Sniper Rifle: A Useful Life?

Next year, the Marine Corp will celebrate the 50th birthday of an old friend: the 7.62x51mm M40 sniper rifle. Like most 49-year-olds, this old war horse has been through a lot. Born in the early days of the Vietnam War, the first variant was a far cry from today’s M40A5. ...

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New Nightforce SHV 4-14×56 – The Under $1000 Nightforce

Nightforce SHV Scope

The Nightforce SHV (Shooter Hunter Varminter) is the first spending plans scope to be presented in the Nightforce line. While numerous individuals, me included, don’t consider degrees offering in the $1000 dollar territory as a financial plan optic; the SHV arrangement does speak to a huge reserve funds over their ...

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Kimber Adirondack 308 Review

Kimber Adirondack 308 Rifles

Kimber was established with sole purpose of creating optimal classic rifles ever provided in America. Informed riflemen were quite quick in trying one, loved what they saw and then became the vanguards of spreading the word about amazing Kimber rifles. Nowadays, the rifles have become a hit; favored by several ...

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Guide To Choosing A Kimber Mountain Rifle/Deer Hunting Rifles

Kimber 84m Mountain Rifle

The sheer variety of Kimber rifles for sale can be overwhelming hence Intelligent choice begins with knowledge. The variations of the rifles include different: actions, stock materials, barrel lengths, metal materials and finishes, and calibers. Calibers: The beginning deer hunter must first choose the cartridge that he or she wants ...

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