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Quick Comparison Of Kimber Mountain Ascent vs Adirondack

Kimber Mountain Ascent 270

Individual features about Kimber Mountain Ascent and Kimber 84M Adirondack is easily found online but after receiving request and queries, I thought to talk about both lightweight rifles and share. So I am gonna my comparative view on Kimber Mountain Ascent vs Adirondack. Kimber rifles company was founded in 1979 ...

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Top 5 Kimber Mountain Ascent Rifles – Infograph


Kimber America have always made lightweight rifles for hunters. The Mountain Ascent unit is quite lighter as it have less material on both the bolt body. I have tested myself kimber mountain ascent .280 Ackley which is an 84L model with the long action. This year I am planning to ...

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Winchester Offers New Model 1873 Sporter


Of all American guns few are as iconic as the Winchester Model 1873. The lever-action rifle, after all, was the “Gun that won the west.” The carbine’s heyday as a military firearm and a tool for taming the American frontier might be over, but the demand for the historic rifle ...

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Why Benelli Ethos Is Better Than Beretta A400

Benelli Ethos 20 gauge

Benelli Ethos boasts of an operating system that is inertia driven and was manufactured by Benelli back in the 70s. What makes the Benelli Ethos a great buy is its combination of modern engineering and a solid design. Benelli Ethos certainly is a great combination of stylish looks and a ...

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Kimber Adirondack 308 Rifle Review


Kimber was created with the sole motivation behind making ideal, exemplary rifles ever gave in America. Educated shooters were fast in attempting one, adored what they saw and after that turned into the vanguards of spreading the saying about stunning Kimber rifles. Despite the fact that they have restricted creation, ...

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Kimber 45 Compact: The Pistol Than Conceals And Shoots

Kimber 45 compact comes with a host of custom features yet the price tag is middleweight. It has great looks full magazine capacity and authoritative stopping power. Many of the features that make a gun easy to carry also make it difficult to shoot well, because every design choice confers ...

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