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Subscribe And Get Your Ammunition Where Your Want – A Whole New Concept

A new concept of ammo distribution gives you option to get your ammo where you are. You don’t need to carry your ammunition anymore, all you have to do is subscribe to monthly package of your choice like 22 LR or 9mm, to .223 or 30-06 or 12g at $69 and get your bundle of high quality ammunition in that caliber. No need to pay for shipping as well. Brian Lash and Josh Jarvis of Pittsburgh have come with this subscription boxes concept offering offering gun enthusiasts a solution for ammunition supply and storage.

Ammohawk.com is the website where from you can choose your subscription which is going to begin on June 20. Your ammo will be secure in a safe at controlled temperature armory. You can get your get your shipment where ever you want. According to company CEO, Brian Lash the subscription will be on monthly basis. Anyone using the service can sell back to company anytime.

Inaugural members must be existing subscribers to the Ammohawk mailing list, which the company is building by offering a chance to win a Sig Sauer P320 and ammunition for anyone subscribing by May 31. company owner calling this model “the future of ammo distribution” as you don’t need to worry about fluctuations in the market and political climate, which affect price and supply.

Find more detail about the service here: https://www.ammohawk.com


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