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Styrka Made Quality Binoculars For Hunters

Whether its poor daylight or bad weather Styrka binoculars is the real companion for hunters. Styrka has been making quality optics especially for hunters at an affordable price but there is no compromise in quality stated by Vanessa Thompson.

As there are so many hunting products available in the market that separating wheat from chaff can be quite difficult. Well, the products that we are discussing here are three models of Styrka.


Styrka binoculars S9

Whether you are a fierce bow hunter or a ceaseless rifle hunter Styrka S9 series will work like your buddy in your glorious hunt. From dusk to dawn you won’t be disappointed at any time using the S9 series. Out of numbers of models the S9 binocular series are real value for money. The three models 8×42, 10×42, and 15×56 binoculars are featured with extra-low dispersion objective lenses helping hunters to spot anything easily in poor lighting condition.

The 8×42, 10×42 and 15×56 Styrka S9 series are Waterproof (IPX7) and Nitrogen Purged. The O ring prevents collection of debris, moisture and dust. The nitrogen gas prevents extremes. If you are in rainforest, highly humid areas or around the water, these hunting binoculars will not obstruct your view.

Styrka St-35522 S7 Roof Prism Waterproof Binoculars, 10 x 42″

The design of eyepiece, lens elements is equally convincing. The fully multi coated lenses produce razor sharp images.  The 8×42 and 10×42 Styrka S9 series offers objective lens diameter of 42mm. The light gathering capability is amazing in both the models. The low light conditions won’t make an effect on your hunting. You will be able to see more clearly as the object would appear bright.

The prism type for these two binoculars is SK 15 which is of extremely high quality and it minimizes undesirable internal reflections. It promises crystal clear image and provides the best contrast.

The 8×42 Styrka S9 series offers a wide field view where you can easily capture the details. The object will appear 8 times closer. It comes with outstanding light gathering capability. It is highly portable and offers 7.5° angular field of view which makes it easy to stay and aim on the moving object. It is ideal for birdwatchers too.

Styrka St-35501 S5 Binoculars, 8 x 42″

The 10×42 Styrka S9 series is for hunters seeking a closer and detailed look of the animals. The object will appear 10 times closer. The angular field of view is 6.5°

The highly reflective coatings are not used in 15×56 S9 series model as it has Abbe-Koenig prism which reflects 100% of the light and useful to invert an image (rotation of 180°). This has increased the size and weight of binoculars but it is highly reflective and produce correct oriented image. If you are trying to look for something miles away then using 15×56 will help you correlate your needs easily.


When choosing a pair of binoculars for hunting you will need to focus on the vital features of the binoculars where first comes the glass quality, then the magnification and then the weight and size. Learn more about Styrka products here – http://www.styrkastrong.com/

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