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Sling – A Critical Firearm Accessory But Often Ignored

Sling is one of those critical firearm accessories that are completely overlooked by the users. We are more aware of our firearms or which rifle scope to use. We make a big deal about whether to use Nightforce Beast 5.5-22×56 MOAR and how to mount it on the firearms but we conveniently overlook this cheap and easily available accessory which is so important for the shoulder-fired weapons. You can either use a Nightforce Beast Scope or a Zeiss, but sling will be a constant factor for all the firearms. Serious hunters know that how slings work without much fanfare during critical situations. Folks who ignore it have suffered heavily when its functions have gone wrong.

Nightforce BEAST 5-25x56 Mil-R Riflescope C448When you are out in the gun shop lasers, dot sights and magnifications occupy the minds and slings do not even come to the mind remotely. But if you want to keep the firearm of your shoulder for a prolonged period, then sling is the only accessory that will be of help. For long range shooters, it is important that you take an aim properly and with patience. This is why you need to keep your heavy firearms in position. Those who take hunting seriously are aware why this firearm accessory is so important. Hence, they are also aware that how many types of slings are available and how they function.

Usually, slings are categorized into two kinds: Single-point and 2-point. There was also a 3 point sling but that did not sustain in the market for long. Even in the last few years, the single-point slings have garnered quite popularity. These were especially designed for short duration encounters of intense violence like the SWAT teams, hostage rescue units and other such groups. These slings are quite effective for firearms with weak slide shoulder, close quarter combats and other tactics that involve various movements from a weapon. Their main disadvantage is that they secure a long gun for prolonged periods while you are still moving.

The hunters, infantry soldiers and rescue operators require slings that can secure firearms tightly against your body. This enables a person to run, jump, climb, pick and walk without the rifle irritating your knees, thighs and disrupt your movement. And when your barrel is hot this problem can aggravate matters. Moreover, you usually slide your firearms at the back in order to carry something heavy or while climbing. You will keep the firearms in a position so that it does not rub against your skin. In the recent years a new design was introduced to tackle such problems. These slings are known as ‘hybrid’ slings which can conveniently convert from a single point to 2 point arrangement. This feature allows the users to enjoy the best features of both the kinds of slings.

While choosing a sling, there are certain factors that must be considered. Here are the factors:

Firstly, take into consideration the width and thickness of the strap. With all the baggage and hunting costume, the strap can be a problem. For this matter, thin and wide slings are the best options.

Secondly, one of the connection points should swivel. This will help you to avoid the hang ups and tangles.

Thirdly, use metal rings, buckles and clips and are more effective in holding weight in comparison to their plastic counterparts.

Fourthly, go for quick adjustment straps that are quite useful.

Fifthly, QD (quick detach) connectors are also quite handy.

So if you can select a sling properly then it can actually form a tourniquet, carry something, act as a drag bag or stretcher, etc.

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