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Semi-Automatic Shotgun Specially Designed For Combat

The Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun has truly earned the title – the first tactical shotgun. The Benelli M4 uses a semi-automatic operation first developed by the US Army Armaments Research called ARGO-Auto Regulating Gas Operated. Benelli’s version of ARGO utilizes only four parts, making it simple and extremely reliable. The Benelli M4 Tactical 11707 shotgun is a modular firearm, meaning the operator can easily replace various assemblies (Barrel, Butt stock & Forearm) without the use of tools.

Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun

The US Marine Corps were looking for a shot gun that would match their requirement; Benelli customized it for the US Marines. This is because a combat shotgun has to function on the very first time and every time. The US Marines are using this model Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun MPN 11707 and there are some other armed forces all over the world which are the buyers of the same. For the defence plan of one’s home it can be a chosen one and very well be the centrepiece. The marvellous engineers at the Benelli developed patented a unique auto regulating gas operated (ARGO) system. Dual stainless steel self-cleaning pistons located just ahead of the chamber operate directly against the bolt assembly. It is a very simple and quite dependable system that completely eliminates the complex linkage, springs and other heavy parts, which all the other semi-automatic shotguns have to depend on. US Marines have chosen the right weapon as it has to pass through harshest of condition while in operation. It has to be exceptionally tough to fit into their list of armaments. The Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun MAN 11707 comes with a Picatinny rail for optics, a ghost ring fully adjustable rear sight and fixed blade front sight and a variety of modular stocks are available as accessories. The M4 Tactical Shotgun is a combat proven one and approved by the Marines and available for public use too.

The specifications are as follows…. Action is semi-automatic and calibre is 12ga.Maximum shell length is 3 inch. Weight is around 7.8 pound. Length of pull (LOP) is 14.375 inch. It has Magazine capacity of 5+1.The length of the barrel is 18.5inch.the overall length is 40inch.It uses a choke- M with a synthetic pistol grip stock.

This allows for easy service and extended reliability in the field. The M4 series uses a standard (MIL-STD-1913) Picatinny rail that allows the version of standard optics as well as retains the original sights. As an added option Benelli has added the H2O coating.

Benelli M4 Benelli M4 for sale Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun

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