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Schmidt and Bender PMII Short Dot Scopes – A Overview

Schmidt and Bender Short Dot scopes are a combination of a red dot sight and a scope developed for use at short and medium distances. The red dot is mirrored in the center of the reticle and when turned off by a rheostat it vanishes completely leaving the user with a normal reticle.

1.1–4×20 PM II SHORT DOT (GEN 1)
Designed at the request of the SF community it provides instant target acquisition with Red Flash Dot technology under “CQB” conditions, while camera quality resolution allows precise shot placement to 650 meters and beyond. The four bullet drop compensator, calibrated for .56 and 7.62mm cartridges include the 62 gr. Green Tip, 75 gr. Hornady TAP, and the SR25 with M118LR16 and M118 LR20 loads. Both-eyes-open sighting at lower magnification levels, makes it ideal for close-in situations with a single 180-degree turn covering full magnification range.

Schmidt Bender PM 1.1-4x20 ShortDot CQB Rifle Scope

1.1–4×20 PM II SHORT DOT (GEN 2)
The addition of locking turrets and the CQB reticle makes this Schmidt and Bender scope suitable for high stress urban combat situations. Calibration rings are supplied for the M855, 75 gr. TAP and M118LR loads, the popular 5.56 and 7.62 variations. At 1.1 power, its skeleton post system disappears for fast, accurate target acquisition during close-in operations. The reticle is located in the first focal plane and includes ranging capabilities at higher magnifications. Locking windage, elevation and illumination turrets prevents scope’s settings changes under extreme conditions.

This modified Schmidt and Bender 1.1-4×24 Zenith Flash Dot hunting scope provides a smaller-sized illuminated dot. Unlike other Schmidt and Bender PMII Short Dot scopes, the reticle is located in the second focal plane. A more substantial reticle at 1.1 power allows quick response when illumination is not required. At 4 power magnification, the illuminated Flash Dot covers only 1.57″ at 100 yards (compared to 5.9″ with a reticle in the first focal plane). Accurate shot placement with a smaller aimpoint at longer distances reduces error under stress. Standard Locking illumination and elevation turrets, calibrated for the M855, 75 gr. TAP or M118LR. The windage turret cap contains a spare battery. The Zenith “Posicon” control provides a graphic indication of where the reticle lies within its adjustment range facilitating proper mounting and sighting in.

The extreme magnification range and fine reticle in the first focal plane permits precise firing up to a distance of 800m. The red dot in the second focal plane allows sighting at short distances – since the dot does not following the magnification. The new CC mode allows parallax-free use at the shortest distances with a magnification of 1x. Turned off, the illuminated dot vanishes completely leaving the user with a normal reticle. The 5 illuminated stages permits use in broad daylight, on snow or sand. For use in poor lighting conditions it features 3 stages with accommodation for NV goggles. Standard Locking Windage, elevation and illumination turrets included.

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