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Schmidt & Bender Scopes: A Class Apart

Schmidt & Bender is a German company that manufactures high end rifle scopes for hunting, sports, law enforcement and military arms. It was established in 1957 and what started as a family business has reached immense heights in the recent years. Perfection and good quality optics make Schmidt & Bender scopes one of the most popular brands in hunting arena. While most of the rifle scope manufacturing companies produce other optical products like binoculars, spotting scopes, etc, Schmidt & Bender produces only rifle scopes.

As a result of this the items they manufacture are detailed, follow the latest technologies and are a class apart. Various types of scopes are produced for various rifles and types of hunting. The first in line is the Classic range that is designed for hunting. The Precision Hunter line is produced on special order with reticles helping in accurate shooting for long ranges. Their Zenith product line is suitable for all kinds of hunting and rifles. Then there is the Sport line that is suitable for field target sports shooters. The Police Marksman (PM) and Police Marksman II (PM II) ranges are especially designed for the law enforcement and military personnel. The collection of MILITARY MK II is especially designed for the military people. The USP of these scopes are that they are available with laser filtration lens. This helps the users to avoid any adverse effects of the laser lights.

Schmidt & Bender

A company that began with producing telescopic sights has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of rifle scopes. It has made the brand synonymous with optimum quality and performance. Schmidt & Bender is an ISO 9001 certified company. Regular researches are done before they start manufacturing their products. It is probably owing to such efforts that the company is able to produce scopes that are so suitable for the users. If you are a hunter you will love the Schmidt Bender Short Dot scopes and if you are from military, then no other scope can be better than Military MK II.

What sets Schmidt & Bender scopes apart for the other rifle scopes is there assembling process. Much of it is done by hand. Thus, it takes more time to complete the manufacture of one scope. As a result the quantity of production is lesser than other brands. However, in the quality department it has no competitors.

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