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Ruger Releases SR-556 Takedown

Ruger has made a fair bit of hay in the realm of takedown rifles. But, generally, it has had a narrow focus on this style of firearm.

The New Hampshire/Arizona manufacturer has mainly concerned itself with space conservation when it comes to takedowns. Perhaps the best known example is the company’s takedown model of its iconic .22 rifle, the 10/22.

Ruger’s latest endeavor into this system, however, shoots to do more than offer shooters a compact package. The company’s new SR-556 Takedown also aims at giving them the utmost in flexibility when it comes to calibers.

Ruger’s latest addition to its piston-driven line of AR-style rifles allows shooters to jump between 5.56 NATO and .300 Blackout cartridges with little more than a push and twist of the barrel.Read More at: www.gundigest.com

Ruger SR-556

Originally Shared at: http://www.gundigest.com/guns/shotgun-reviews-articles/browning-releases-two-new-citori-725-models

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