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Nightforce Velocity 1000 Review

For those who are looking for Nightforce Velocity 1000 reticles you should know which two models have this feature. Nightforce 3.5-15x and 5.5-22x NXS rifle scopes have velocity 1000 reticles. Nightforce has been termed as one of the finest optics makers for their long range precision and accuracy. This company’s the 1,000 Yard Velocity is designed to let anyone, no matter their experience, achieve precise shot placement out to 1,000 yards for five ballistic profiles. The reticle has holdover points for every 100 yards from 400 to 1,000 and windage bars, along with a 2 mil ranging bar above the crosshair. This can be applied for the following types of shooting: long-range, tactical, big game and varmint and competition shooting.


The Nightforce Velocity 1000 has the following features:

  • Eliminates estimating holdover or counting elevation adjustments
  • Matched to the specific ballistic profile of your chosen rifle and load
  • Vastly superior to “one size fits all” drop compensating reticles
  • Capable of accurate reticle holds to within zero to half minute of angle to 1000 yards
  • Elevation marked in 100 yard increments for 100, 200 and 300 yards, then in incremental drops of 25 yards out to 1000 yards
  • Windage holds marked in 5, 10 and 15 mph increments
  • Illumination standard

The introduction of this feature has helped in increasing the popularity of the Nightforce Velocity. Virtually all modern rifle cartridges will adapt to one of the Nightforce V reticles, with minimal point-of-impact deviation from the reticle’s markings. Once the range of the target is known, the shooter merely chooses the corresponding elevation mark and aims dead on.

Unlike other manufacturers, Nightforce does not believe that only one or two ballistic reticles will meet the needs of all cartridges. Nightforce has instead created a vast range of extremely accurate and dedicated reticles designed to meet specific ballistic requirements for virtually all modern rifle cartridges.


Any Nightforce Velocity Reticle Review will tell you that this series was created for applications where maximum speed and accuracy is critical. The Nightforce V series are up to twice as fast as traditional designs, since there is no need for drop charts, elevation adjustments, complicated calculations or guessing at holdover.

The Nightforce online Velocity reticle calculator allows the shooter to enter their bullet’s weight, ballistic coefficient, and their load’s muzzle velocity. It then specifies the Velocity™ reticle that most closely matches their ballistics. A recommended sight-in distance is also given, which will result in the optimum trajectory across the entire 1000-yard range while minimizing point-of-impact deviation.

Nightforce Velocity reticles are the ultimate combination of a ballistic and hunting reticle. Clean, uncluttered and simple, they are the answer for hunters and long-range shooters who have resisted more complicated, cumbersome ballistic reticle designs, yet want precise shot placement at long distances with maximum speed and ease of use. Because they are so closely matched to a specific cartridge and velocity, Nightforce Velocity™ reticles are vastly more precise than one-size-fits-all designs many manufacturers promote. All Nightforce NXS rifle scopes also provide reticle illumination as standard.

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