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Review Of Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun

According to the different Benelli M4 Review, this is the 1st gas-controlled shotgun created by Benelli. The shotgun is designed to function on ARGO (Auto Regulating Gas Operating) system and is a totally innovative technique of gas regulation. It has double stainless steel pistons that can be self-cleaned and is positioned just in front of the cavity and function directly aligned with the assembly of bolts. The M4 comprises of the normal Picatinny bar for optics, a phantom-ring entirely variable back view plus a permanent cutting edge front view.


The Benelli M4 Tactical when not loaded weighs 7.8 lbs., thereby is heavier than usual for a shotgun. The barrel length is 18.5 in. and on the whole the length is 40 in., which is moderately tiny for a shotgun.

Benelli M4

Pull length

The Benelli M4 Tactical has a Pull Length of 14.38 inches. Actually the pull length is the separation from the center of the trigger to the end of the firearm’s butt stock and is an essential estimation of fit.

Endure under any environment

The Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun accompanies a single handed grip manufactured knob stock, made to withstand any environment. The single handed grip is produced using an elastic/poly mix and the stock attributes a strong force cushion that jointly with the gas operation, cut recoil and gag haul impressively. A sling point beneath the barrel in front of the Handguard and one on every side of the stock encourage two-handed sling connection. The M4 shotgun has an 18.5″ barrel with one screw-in stifle tube, and a 5-round magazine pipe. A crossbolt security behind the trigger guard guarantees secured operation. It likewise has a completely movable LPA apparition ring back sight and a white spot front blade. A 5.25″ Picatinny rail permits users to mount extra extensions, and optical sights.

Conspicuous features

When a Benelli m4 tactical shotgun review is made then it is not complete without mentioning its features. They are:

  • The complete weight, devoid of the ammo, is 8.4 pounds.
  • The length of the barrel is 18.5 inches and the entire length is 34.8 inches.
  • A customized choke is encountered with a pistol hold for easy shooting.
  • The M4 is operated on gas and utilizes the ARGO system.
  • Ghost loop sights let users to have speck precision when shooting.


  • The most important advantage is the capability to shoot low in addition to high powered shots by means of spot on accuracy.
  • There is very little maintenance required for the shotgun.
  • You can change the drum or butt stock; without any tools.


  • The price corresponds to the durability of the gun.
  • You will need some time to get used to the weight.

Final verdict:

The Benelli M4 is potent, consistent and has been weathered by the world’s armed forces. With incredible sights and a massive quantity of power, this is the shotgun to hit. The price of the Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun MPN 11707 is $1799.00.



Benelli M4 Benelli M4 Rifle Benelli M4 Tactical

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