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A Review of Aimpoint PRO

What stands out in the Aimpoint PRO is its rugged built and extensive battery life. The PRO, which stands for Patrol Rifle Optic, was built and designed as a lower cost, all included, ready to bolt on alternative for patrol use.

Essentially, this model is an updated Comp M2, but with a 2 mil dot instead of the 4 mil dot of the M2. In addition to this the M2 came is without mount but the PRO is available with a mount at an apt height to allow the users a perfect witnessing of AR-15 iron sights. Other features include QRP2 mount with self-regulating tightness knob. It also has a brightness knob with 6 daylight and 4 night vision settings. Impressed, are we? You will also find dust covers on both the ends of the Aimpoint PRO. At the shooter’s end there is transparent plastic one and a solid black cover on the muzzle. The muzzle end is also threaded. Owing to such the Aimpoint PRO reviews have always been favorable.



Aimpoint Pro
The weight of this device is at 11.6oz. It is, however, portable enough. While it is completely your decision to where to mount the rifle but the installation is quite simple. The mount knob will not allow to you to over tighten it. so it better to crank it down till it clicks and then turn on the optic. Set it at a brightness that will enable you to see the dot. The adjustments for windage and elevation are 0.5 MOA. As far as the caps for the adjustment screws are concerned, they are held by a rubber strap so you do not lose them. Once you have successfully zeroed your scope, chances are you will not need any adjustments further.

Aimpoint PRO is one of those optics which will allow you to shoot with both eyes open. And as far as red dot optics are concerned, these are best that are available today. Besides being suitable as patrol devices, these are used extensively by hunters as well. Their red dot technology is quite useful when it comes to long range hunting. In fact, these are also utilized by the law and military enforcement. Thus, Aimpoint PRO has successfully created a niche for themselves in the world of optics.

Another USP of this device is its battery life. There are Aimpoint PRO reviews where the users have claimed that even after using the device for 18 months and keeping it turned on for more than half of the times, they have not yet changed their original batteries. Now that is a phenomenal performance as far as the batteries are concerned!

Thus, the Aimpoint PRO stands apart from the rest of the devices for their battery life and run time.

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