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Your Reasons for Choosing Aimpoint M4s

The CompM4s retains all the great features as the CompM4, but with the battery rotated to the lower right. This allows easier access the brightness control, and gives the optic a slimmer profile. Just like the CompM4, the enhanced energy-usage provides up to 8 years of continuous use from a single AA battery. The crisp 2 MOA dot brightness has 16 positions, 9 daylight and 7 optimized for use with all night vision, especially Gen-3 night-vision technology in current government use. Aimpoint’s band-pass coating on the front lens reflects select frequencies of red light at near 100% efficiency in order to give the highest possible dot brightness.

The first thing most in the field are looking for is weight, ruggedness/reliability and accuracy. Now the average consumer may have those wants and needs as well but the priority list shifts drastically between target shooting at the range or reliability on the “two-way range.” The CompM4 is an uncompromising beast that can withstand impact, deep water, sand, dust, dirt, mud, bitter extreme cold as well as the hottest temperatures on the planet.





This sealed reflex sight has a 2 MOA (Minutes of Angle) dot that on its lower settings can actually be pretty precise at and over 100 meters. When you ratchet up the brightness it is way larger to the naked eye than 2 MOA and also creates a nice big ring around where the tube meets the glass which is almost unnoticeable when you are really going at it, but definitely noticeable on focused groups. There are also 7 brightness settings for Night Vision and 9 levels of brightness for daylight. One of which is the “Extra Bright” setting which literally, turns it into a 40mm red light on.

The sighting in is easy once you get the sealed covers off the windage and elevation. Full gaskets and anodized aluminum cover the 1/2” at 100m adjustments and they are not hard to get off with or without gloves, but are on strong enough where you do not have to be concerned with them winding themselves off. There is no parallax or eye relief to worry about so you can be assured, if the dot is on it, it gets a hole when you pull the trigger. The battery compartment is also full anodized with gasket and has a life expectancy per AA battery of 8 years.

Aimpoint makes many more affordable models for people like me to get similar quality with less price tag so it is not an exclusive brand out of reach for people.

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