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Quick Comparison Of Kimber Mountain Ascent vs Adirondack

Individual features about Kimber Mountain Ascent and Kimber 84M Adirondack is easily found online but after receiving request and queries, I thought to talk about both lightweight rifles and share. So I am gonna my comparative view on Kimber Mountain Ascent vs Adirondack.

Kimber rifles company was founded in 1979 making extremely high quality rimfire rifles. To meet the rising demand, Kimber has started making extremely lightweight high and quality hunting rifles in various popular calibers. The two models that I am discussing are Montana series specifically Kimber Adirondack and Kimber Ascent.


Kimber Adirondack .308The Kimber Adirondack is chambered in 308 another similar caliber and the Kimber Mountain Ascent is chambered in 270 another symbol calibers as well. Both of these models future ahead and molded carbon fiber reinforced stock making them extremely lightweight and durable. The Kimber Adirondack weighs in at a scale to £4.13 (Pounds) which is extremely lightweight for any kind rough terrain or long days carry. Clearly the Adirondack also features a stainless steel barrel super. The mosel who is threaded for every time suppression or flash hider as well as a compensating reducing recoil. The timber is fanatical with making their rifles like way. For example there’s a whole other ball handle and a fluted bowl with takes the weight down in a very very fanatical and very interesting way. The Adirondack features the hand molded carbon fiber reinforced which make it very lightweight and extremely durable up the Kimber around.

Kimber Mountain Ascent 270

The kimber 84m mountain ascent is very similar to the Adirondack in the fact that it has a carbon fiber reinforced installed, stainless steel barrel and receiver. It differs in the fact that it has a muzzle brake already put on and they are even more fanatical with weight reduction by few of the exceptions with the barrel. And of course this does have the polo ball handle as well as fluted bolt shape announcers of the rifle. All of the chamber rifles come drilled and tapped ready for optics. They also have a three-position safety and a controlled roundtree magazine which lawyers and reliability and lightweight.

Kimber rifles are high end lightweight hunting rifles. They are made to exacting standards and  they feature with great chambers, barrels and crafted triggers. All of this, coupled with the fact that the extremely lightweight and durable make them very very popular item.

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