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Prices of Leica Rangemaster Series

When it comes to buy cameras, what comes in mind is price while buying a popular brand like Leica. So, what is the price of rangemaster CRF series from Leica? It is the most important question of avid hunters and shooters. Having a warranty of 5 years on optics and 3 years on electronics, most accurate laser and LED display, with these features you can hardly guess the price of the product.

Leica Rangemaster

There may be some brands that will offer you street price of their products but that will not have the quality as Leica. Leica is always affordable to the users its 1200SM scan model is $600 though you think it is somewhat high but it is acceptable due to its warranty period which you can also extend by paying $35 only. It is sometime become necessary to take a look at the review of products through which you will get an opportunity to compare products and their prices. Here is a list of top Leica rangemaster CRF series.

Leica CRF 1000 Rangemaster:
Much like its predecessors Leica CRF 1000 is compact which shares the same ergonomics as the Leica CRF 900. But it has some difference as the name suggests the Leica 1000 CRF will range its target from 1000 yards. The price is $399 a good choice for a rangefinder.

Leica CRF 1000-R Rangemaster:
The new and improved product from Leica is Rangemaster CRF 1000-R. Unlike the earlier CRF models 1000-R is compact and easy to use. Modeled to use one-handedly, compact and as compare to CRF 1000 that ranges 1000 yards it has other exciting features too such as angle of inclination or declination, measured the distance to target and has Equivalent Horizontal Range or EHR which is applied by using rifleman’s rule, it comes in $599 only.

Leica CRF 1600 B Rangemaster:
It has three main functions; it displays the distance and the elevation required for adjustment in centimeters or inches. Second is point of impact (POI) correction and last is the angle of declination, barometric pressure and temperature, the price of it is $799.

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