The Critical Firearm Accessories For Rifle


The simple, unpretentious sling is something that a soldier can barely manage to ignore. In the mass of essentials, the sling of a technologically advanced firearm like the Nightforce Beast Scope may appear to be insignificant. The prepper, who has to be always alert for an extended period of time ...

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Sling – A Critical Firearm Accessory But Often Ignored

Nightforce BEAST 5-25x56 Mil-R Riflescope C448

Sling is one of those critical firearm accessories that are completely overlooked by the users. We are more aware of our firearms or which rifle scope to use. We make a big deal about whether to use Nightforce Beast 5.5-22×56 MOAR and how to mount it on the firearms but ...

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Kimber Offers – Pistols For Everyone

Kimber M1911 Pistol

It has been only a few decades ago that Kimbers had set its foot on the path of rimfire rifles after obtaining a contract from the Government of America. From the onset, Kimbers’ focus had been to maintain flawless quality products. After adding a few centrefire variations of rimfire rifles, ...

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Can You Compare Schmidt Bender Short Dot And Elcan Specterdr?

Compare Schmidt Bender Short Dot And Elcan Specterdr

I have come across various forums where people argue over these two rifle scopes: Elcan Specterdr and Schmidt Bender Short Dot. Whilst some think that S&B has no competition, others are of the opinion that Elcan delivers perfectly. The Schmidt Bender Short Dot vs Elcan Specterdr argument seems never ending. ...

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Guide To Choosing A Kimber Mountain Rifle/Deer Hunting Rifles

Kimber 84m Mountain Rifle

The sheer variety of Kimber rifles for sale can be overwhelming hence Intelligent choice begins with knowledge. The variations of the rifles include different: actions, stock materials, barrel lengths, metal materials and finishes, and calibers. Calibers: The beginning deer hunter must first choose the cartridge that he or she wants ...

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Kimber’s .45 Caliber 1911 Pistol Arsenal Demystified

The early 1950’s saw gunsmiths pairing up Colt Commander alloy frames with standard Government Model slides and barrels into a custom full-size lightweight. However, Kimber went the extra mile and began manufacturing custom Kimber .45 1911 semi-automatics. Kimber started out making high quality rimfire rifles, then centerfire versions, and then ...

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Vortex Rifle Scopes vs. Leopold Rifle Scopes

Incorporation of user feedback into their product lines has made Vortex a favorite amongst shooters of all calibers. More than a dozen unique performance and optical features of the Vortex rifle scopes for sale delivers superior ranging and accuracy at extreme distances. RAZOR HD Top-tier Vortex scope with proprietary first-focal-plane ...

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Nightforce ATACR 5-25×56 – A Review

Does NIGHTFORCE ATACR 5-25X56 mm make an ideal choice for target shooting? Well the answer is implied in the fact that it is the product of the series of NIGHTFORCE NXS, the most trusted and the most sought after equipment from the days bygone. The NIGHTFORCE ATACR Scope caters to ...

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