Gear For Bear Hunting


Recently news came that Bear Hunting Season Begins in Florida which is available for resident and non resident hunters. Folks must be very delighted to here this but before you head out, make sure you have everything in order. Today I am going to show you some random but essential ...

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DP-12 Bullpup Gun Review

Standard Manufacturing’s pump-action DP-12 bullpup offers a quick one-two punch! Nestled in the tree-covered town of New Britain, Connecticut, the Standard Manufacturing Company diligently hums along. Its 100,000-plus-square-foot facility is planted in the middle of the Connecticut Valley, which has been the heart of American gun building for decades. One ...

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Nikon Introduces Budget Buckmasters II Riflescope

Buckmasters II Riflescope

Another rifle-scope for budget-oriented shooters. Snark aside, Nikon has announced the release of the Buckmasters II series of rifle-scopes. Problem is, the scopes look to be great value, especially for those who like BDC reticles. I have the same reticle in my rimfire optics and have come to love them (in ...

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New Mexico Gun Bans At Rest Areas – Is It Legal?

ALL FIREARMS MUST REMAIN IN VEHICLES. New Mexico has a strong pre-emption law, enforced by their Supreme Court . . . Rest areas, according to are not prohibited areas. Rest areas can be a dangerous place for travelers, especially single women. In 1998, two local Arizona organizations, Brassroots and S.A.F.E., ...

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5 New Models Released For CMMG’s Mk47 Mutant

As far as new firearms for 2015 go, CMMG’s Mk47 Mutant is amongst the top of the list. Due to its growing popularity, CMMG has announced the addition of an AR pistol and a short-barreled rifle (See NFA Regulations) version of the Mutant, as well as the availability of California ...

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