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An Overview of Various Kinds of Nightforce Reticles Scope

Nightforce is a well known brand that offers various kinds of scopes that are suitable for various kinds of users. The Nightforce reticles scopes are designed in such a way that are suitable for many kinds of users. The brand itself defines different types of reticles and the buyers can choose according to their preferences. If you are interested in buying a Nightforce reticle scope then you should be aware of the reticle types. Here is an overview of the Nightforce reticles scopes.

Nightforce NP-1 Reticle
This combines the familiar traits of “Duplex” and “German Post” style reticles to yield a “best of both worlds” result. It is designed for shooters and hunters that do not require a reticle that functions beyond providing a precise point of aim. For these users, a simple and straightforward design is best. By excluding unnecessary obstructions this reticle provides for a clean target picture and a wide open view.

Nightforce Reticles

Nightforce NP-2DD Reticle NP-2DD
This is perfect for your precision rifles. The NP-2DD reticle is an accomplished winner in competitive shooting disciplines. It was utilized by talented shooters to set the last two consecutive records for group size at 1000 yards in the light gun competition class of shooting. The configuration of the NP-2DD reticle makes it an ideal choice for competitive long-range marksmen. Two tapered horizontal bars naturally draw your eye to the center, where a floating dot creates an ideal point of aim against bull’s-eye targets. The lower dot provides the shooter with a 500-600 yard holdover point for most flat shooting cartridges.

Nightforce FC-2 Reticle FC-2
This one is a unique in the Nightforce lineup, in that it was specifically designed for use in short to medium range applications. A favorite of hunters and tactical shooters alike, this reticle combines characteristics that make it versatile and simple to use. It is an ideal choice for hunting or field applications where a reticle that is quick to acquire and easy to see is needed. It is also known as the circle-dot reticle.

Nightforce CH-1 Reticle
These reticles possess some of the finest line subtensions available anywhere. They are so fine, in fact, that they will not cover a .22 caliber bullet hole 1000 yards away. Such precision allows a shooter to reach his full potential and wring every possible amount of accuracy from his rifle. Reticles from this series have been used by the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, and many others, to win countless matches and tournaments. They have a winning history and will be an excellent complement to your target rifle.

Nightforce reticles

Nightforce NP-R1 Reticle
The NP-R1 has precise range finding and bullet drop compensating capabilities. This reticle is graduated in Minute of Angle and was designed as an alternative to the widely used Mil-Radian reticles. The reticle graduations utilize the same unit of measure as the standard quarter MOA turrets. This gives the shooter the option to apply corrections using the reticle and the turrets interchangeably, without having to use a complicated conversion formula.

Nightforce NP-R2 Reticle NP-R2
The NP-R2 reticle is particularly well suited to competition and varmint shooting where targets are very small and backgrounds are less distracting.

Nightforce Mil-Dot Reticle
Nightforce’s version of the Mil-Dot provides the user with the familiarity of a classic reticle and the usability of a modernized reticle. This reticle utilizes true mil-radian that translates to one meter of width per one thousand meters of distance; there are three different measurements referred to as mil-radian. When used with optional Mil Turrets, this reticle, along with the MLR, provide for a rifle scope with matched turret and reticle systems.

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