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Optic Review: WOLF Optics PSU 1x/4x Variable Zoom Optical Gunsight

The WOLF Optics PSU is the only switchable zoom prism sight alternative availabe to the renowned ELCAN Specter DR 1x/4x dual role combat sight. I will be comparing the WOLF Optics PSU to the ELCAN a lot in this article. Just to be clear, I’m a huge fan of ELCAN optics and I have three various models of them on my rifles.

As part of my testing process, I took the PSU sight to a training course hosted by SMGLee. He ran the PSU sight on his FNH FAL Para during most of the Intermediate Carbine Tactics course, while providing constant feedback to me on the optic. I really appreciated his help.


A similar feature between the WOLF Optics SPU and the ELCAN Specter DR is the use of a internal 4x power magnifier at the front to cancel out the fixed 4x prism sight located at the rear part of both sights. The difference is that the ELCAN uses a rotating prism design for its built-in magnifier, the WOLF Optics PSU has a sliding conventional lens in its magnifier part. Another big difference is that the WOLF Optics PSU uses the common internal adjustment system, while the ELCAN has the unusual and sometime controversial external adjustment. Read More: www.thefirearmblog.com

Originally Shared: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/07/10/optic-review-wolf-optics-psu-1x4x-variable-zoom-optical-gunsight/

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