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Why One Should Choose Digital Riflescope For Better Hunting

In today’s world, the use of a good scope can mean the difference between hunting and not. Digital riflescopes are expanding the number of hunters and opening the sport up to people who may not of been able to previously partake. In particular, those with visual and physical issues are able to make use of the many features available with digital scopes that they did not have with previous styles of scope. Among their many features, hunters and marksmen that use the Elcan Digital Hunter Scope are able to not only record their sessions and share prize winning shots online, but that they can also use custom reticles.

Elcan digital hunter scope

In Addition To Recording Footage And Changing Reticles:

The Elcan series of scopes also offer impressive features such as : stable digital zoom and no moving parts, enhanced night sight capabilities, fully electronic ballistics compensation and remote viewing. This series of scopes introduce a whole new level of hunting capability. The scope can be connected to a remove device, such as a laptop, and shooters who are unable to assume the normal firing positions can guide the shot remotely. The same digital functionality also allows for footage from the scope to be recorded to a computer for upload, or stored on the SD card to easy sharing as well.

Beyond the visual aspects of being able to capture what the shooter sees through the scope, the Elcan Specterdr series have superb and precise ballistics compensation and magnification controls. Marksmen and hunters can easily adjust their aim based on a number of factors, including the bullet bc, muzzle velocity, and wind factors. All the information that is put in is automatically factored into the display output. This can greatly improve the user’s aim and allow them to hit the mark each time, even under less than optimal conditions. The controls can also be quickly and easily adjusted from the on board control panel that is located on top of the scope. There are also models with optional IR flashlights to help the hunt continue on at night with the same level of accuracy.

Elcan Specterdr

Are There Any Drawbacks To These Types Of Riflescopes?

With all that they have to offer, many people wonder if there are drawbacks to using them. The only aspect that some consider a drawback is the weight they can add to a gun. The average weight of a digital scope is around 26 ounces. To some it is not a significant difference, not compared to the features it offers, but for others there is a bit of concern. To stationary marksmen competitions, the weight is of no consequence, which makes it an overall accepted aspect of the scopes. The other issues with digital scopes is the aspect that they do require a power source. For indoor settings, certain models of scopes can be powered by an adapter, while most have a battery systems that utilizes standard or specialized lithium batteries. To preserve battery life, it is recommended to remove them when not in use, but otherwise, the scopes power maintenance is no more tedious than any other electronic device.

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