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Nightforce NXS F1 3.5-15×50 Review

The Nightforce NXS 3.5-15×50 F1 is the 1st Focal Plane Riflescope (LV.5 Reticle) and is intended for U.S. armed forces. It is astoundingly quick and relevant to an extensive variety of focusing at different separations. The reticle is spotted in the first central plane, which has different focal points in high-push circumstances and when the client may experience focuses from up-near 1000 yards or more. A first central plane reticle stays in the same visual extent to the focus over the scope’s whole amplification range, making it particularly suitable with range discovering reticle.

Nightforce NXS F1 3.5-15×50 Review
Accessible for anybody

New NightForce NXS scopes were initially created for the US armed forces, yet are presently accessible to any individual who needs a telescopic sight that is on the top perspective/ world. It has a lesser mounting profile and arrives in a more advantageous amplification for experts and genuine hunters.

The most prominent alternatives

The Nightforce NXS has turned in a standout amongst the most well known alternatives amid long range gunmen. It has picked up status for following precisely and having the capacity to withstand the force of even the most horrible of long range shooters. Swift is only single word to portray the Nightforce 3.5-15×50 F1 NXS Riflescope. This Riflescope from Nightforce is relevant to an extensive variety of focuses at different separations. The Riflescope offers a far reaching decision of the rise and windage click qualities, reticles, and ballistic turrets. The NXS Military Riflescope characteristics a reticle in the first central plane, which has unique points of interest in high-push circumstances and when the utilization may experience focuses from up-near many yards away. Joined with exceedingly material and natural alterations, the Nightforce NXS Riflescope with Standard Illumination makes for an amazingly speedy, exact and responsive degree to use out on the field.

Nightforce NXS F1 3.5-15×50

  • Nightforce C356
  • Power of 3.5-15x
  • Objective Lens – 50mm
  • Features ZeroStop
  • First Focal Plane Reticle – .250 MOA – Lv.5 Reticle
  • Weight – 30 oz.
  • Includes a 101 Ultralight Scope Rings

All air-to-glass surfaces get wideband poly-covering; connected to tolerances of 1/4 wave affidavit or .000005 inches, surpassing the hardest Mil-Spec scraped area test. You can see the distinction in low- light circumstances.

When is ‘long range’
excessively long?

Since high-amplification Nightforce extensions were initially intended for exceedingly prepared proficient sharpshooters, they are fit for surprising exactness at great separations. For the seeker, this implies that killing shots at diversion formerly ‘out of extent’ are currently possible…but just if the seeker is closely acquainted with his rifle, his heaps, range discovering strategies, and after broad practice. Nightforce degrees will put amazing long range capacity in the seeker’s hands. It is dependent upon the seeker to utilize this capacity sagaciously.


Nightforce NXS F1 3.5-15x 50 review states that this Nightforce rifle is the best that you can get for your gaming or war requirements. The product is priced at $2,160.00, which, if you can invest it will prove to be your priced possessions of all.

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