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Nightforce NXS 3.5-15×50 Best For Long Range

Nightforce NXS 3.5-15×50 riflescopes comes with brightened reticle. For the full sized NXS model, the lighting is activated by pulling out on the parallax knob. The illumination strength is pre-set at the factory for a low ambient light level situation. The absorption of the light is not externally adjustable. Adjustment is located beneath the battery. The compact NXS and Benchrest models feature externally adjustable illumination settings using variable rheostats. The battery used is CR2032. ATACR offers a series of ballistic reticles catering to most of the calibres. Nightforce optics offers two types of velocity reticles. Airstream compensation is 5 – 10mph augmentations and standard illumination.


Nightforce NXS 3.5-15×50 was originally developed for use by the army and on small arms. This variety allows a lower mounting profile. This is quite an irreplaceable riflescope for proficient and sincere shooters alike. It comes with a applied magnification 3.5-15x range and larger field of view of 27.6’@3.5×7.3’@15x@100yards/100mts makes it an essential scope for them. A full 110 MOA of internal adjustment make these models extremely multipurpose in the field and appropriate to a wide range of applications. It also provides an eye relief of 99mm with the objective diameter of 50mm and ocular diameter 36mm and the tube diameter is 30mm.Mounting length is 6.1” and exit pupil diameter 14.3mm @ 3.5 xs. Its weight is 30oz. velocity Reticles used are 1000 (LV.5, HV, UHV.5) MLR, Mil Dot, MOAR and gives standard illumination.

Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x50 riflescopes

Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x NP-R1 Riflescope C130 was developed for the army. This allows for lower mounting on the armament and reduced mark to forward observers. Another model of the same range, the Nightforce NXS 3.5-15×56 provide the same field of view which is quite bigger and it has greater light gathering ability that makes it a real asset for the law enforcers. Both the models provide unlimited benefits to serious hunters. These also offer the shooter an unprecedented 110 MOA of internal adjustment, making it a versatile riflescope (weight 30oz) for forward-looking field level applications and foxhunting at any distance. The riflescope has variable magnification of 3.5-15x offering the shooter tremendous flexibility in the field and maintaining exceptional optical integrity. All these models have been tested in the most extreme conditions with unfailing and repeatable performance. The reticle position is on second focal plane and its brightened with Nightforce NP-R1;eye relief of up to 3.9”.It has scope turret adjustment is .25 MOA/110 MOA elevation travel. This is quite a rugged one with matte black finish.

Zero stop is non-compulsory for the models. This is an old problem. Making a fundamental modification to the rifle scope’s elevation settings, perhaps even through two turns of the knob and returning to your zero setting can be almost difficult, especially under stressful circumstances or, in bad lighting.

All other manufacturers have tried to solve the problem, with unsatisfactory results. Nightforce Zero stop is the only answer. This solution is very modest, decent and real. With the finding in your rifle, a positive mechanical ending point is created at the preferred socket.

In September, 2010, Matthew D Kline crushed the existing Heavy Gun World record,10 shots,2.815”, 1000yds,breaching the three inch barrier for the first time. He used a 300 WSM capped with a Nightforce 8-32×56 Precision scope.

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