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New Rules Of Hunting 2015 – You Should Know About It

This applies to gun hunting, archery and the muzzle loader seasons. As you will see there is an exception for every rule.

Deer Hunting
All of the new rules are printing on the first few pages of the regulation handbook. If you are a resident of a veterans’ home you may shoot a deer of either sex with a gun or muzzle loader in any permit area. This is exception one. If you are 84 years of age or older you can shoot a deer of either sex in any season in any unit across the state. This is exception number two.

Hunters age 60 or older can use a scope during the muzzle loader season. This has been explained to me that older hunters have poorer eyesight and that they need a scope to help make a clean kill. Scopes make a muzzle loader super accurate up to and beyond 150 yards.

Read more about the news: http://www.dglobe.com/sports/outdoors/3838366-hunting-2015-new-rules-everyone-needs-know

Deer Hunting Deer Hunting 2015 Deer Hunting Rules
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