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MOA Hunting Rifles Enjoying Huge Discounts At Eurooptic.com

Are you gearing up for the next hunting season already? If you are then here is a great opportunity to shop for effective hunting rifles for the coming hunting season. Eurooptic brings to you an amazing opportunity in the form of Mid-Summer sale 2014 where you can purchase MOA rifles at huge discounts. You can avail MOA Evolution Rifles, Evolution Extreme Long Range Hunter Rifles and Evolution Extreme Sporter Rifles on sale. But the question is why you would opt for the MOA hunting rifles?

MOA Hunting Rifle

The MOA rifles were developed by Bob Beck of Extreme Outer Limits. The Evolution series was the first of its kind that was true to the purpose and built for long range hunting. These were first of its kind rifles to be launched in the commercial market. With that goal in mind, no custom modifications or wait times are needed and our MOA Evolution™ line of MOA Rifles® are in stock and ready to purchase on the spot or ship same day.

MOA Actions are possibly the only actions on the market that have seemingly perfected a 0.000 tolerance machining process, which means lapping the bolts and actions is unnecessary. Cerakoted as a standard, MOA Actions come with scope base pin holes drilled between the scope base holes for extra lock down with heavier long range scope mounting solutions, 8×40 screws, not 6×32 like other production rifles, and have a bolt stop/release in the action, not the trigger. In addition, the MOA Action has its very own proprietary picatinny scope bases with the pins installed. All of these industry changing characteristics make the MOA Action one of the most accurate actions built today.

The barrel choice for the MOA Evolution™ line is a 5 groove polygon with our specified twist rates for all the newest, highest B.C. bullets on the market. An accurate barrel, combined with a state-of-the-art action, bedded in the best stock in the industry makes the MOA Evolution™ line of rifles the most accurate production series long-rage hunting rifles in the industry.

So take advantage of this super offer and grab your MOA hunting rifle today!

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