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Leica Scope: ER Riflescope

A German optic, headquarters based in U.S, Leica is the manufacturer of optics over a hundred years. In the mid 90s Leica introduced its Televid 77. For the first time in optic world, a rugged, big and high-performance spotting scope with dual focus system was introduced. Leica have always been known for their spotting scopes, binoculars, rangefinders and riflescopes. Now, Leica have introduced a riflescope with IBS reticle which is a 30mm tube with an eye relief of 3 15/16 inches making it a riflescope with heavy recoil.

IBS Reticle Helps in Longer Ranges:
IBS ballistic calculator will give you a detailed description of longer ranges. Some basic information about the ballistics and the area where you set up your scope and range time is all you need. The items that are necessary for your hunting experience is a factory load data or ballistic coefficient, altitude, temperature, zero range, muzzle velocity and scope height. After the data has been stored for future use you can print the data for each specific hash mark and tape it on your rifle’s side. These scopes are second focal scope so you have to set the power at which you will print your sheet for the exact hash marks.

Regardless of the magnification settings at zero range your main cross hairs will be correct. These scopes have asset that doped the wind at extended ranges as these have come with windage hash marks. But before using it you must have some practice to be accurate at longer ranges. By taking hours of range time long range shooting is possible but doing preparation before the real hunting is recommended. Leica have provided a deadly combination of ER riflescope scope with IBS reticle.

Leica Scope ER Riflescope

Some Advantageous Features of ER Riflescope:
Lecia has a great line of scopes that has some great features that you didn’t find on any other riflescope. To prevent fogging it is nitrogen-filled and water-resistant to 13ft. To repel water and dirt all lenses have AquaDura coatings. Leica ER riflescope comes in two different models both have 45mm objective lens they have a power from 2.5 to 10 and 3.5 to 14. Partnered with ballistic experts at G7 Leica provide the configuration of IBS reticle. You can browse through Leica’s website to know more about this. If you create an account with Leica scope or visit as a guest you will definitely fill your shopping cart with at least one product.

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