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Leica Rangefinder M9 Review

So you have finally bought a digital camera that is Leica M9, and you wanted to know all the facts and features about Leica M9. Leica has an overwhelming effect on its users due to its incredible features and sharpness sensor. An M series from Leica is a unique digital camera which has the ability to see the subject without the abstraction because of its high-quality lenses that are among the best compared to other camera lenses. Leica rangefinder technology is what the M series has with this you will get experience on what rangefinder photography is all about.

It is very important to understand what exactly is a rangefinder is. A rangefinder is a type of camera that is small but has replaceable lenses. Leica was the first manufacturer that produce 35mm camera. When taking photos it also has a quieter shutter and low vibration because it doesn’t have a mirror. Rangefinders also use optical viewfinders that don’t go through the lens and in this way what you see in the viewfinder is not actually what your lens sees. But the question is why should you use rangefinders?
Especially for a street photographer the benefits of a rangefinder are its size and ease of use. As compared to modern DSLR, it is quiet and easy to use because you don’t have to deal with a lot of complicated functions and settings.

Leica Rangemaster

Benefits of Using Leica M9:
If you are a beginner or you have never used Leica rangefinder then it will be a bit difficult to understand. But if you get some knowledge of the product through experience you will find that the 35mm lens has a depth-of-field scale fixed on the lens. Leica has the sharpest as well as the most beautiful lenses in the world. All the lenses have a depth-of-field scale fixed that makes focusing much easier. It has built like a tank and it is heavy too. Well-crafted and lasts a lifetime, the buttons are responsive, the shutter dial also clicks precisely, the body of the camera and its texture are also tough and durable.

Battery life is good if you don’t look on LCD too much it will last a day. If you want to do a street photography than this digital camera with an optical viewfinder and a compact body is a great choice. The price of Leica M9 is cheap around $7000 and after buying a few accessories it will be around $10,000. And if you are a budget shopper then M9 kit is also there that comes around $6500.

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