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Leica Laser Rangefinder- A Review

Leica, a German optical company, has been in business in more than 20 years. And what is it famous for? Well no hunting gear seems complete without a Leica product. It was one of those companies which introduced the Leica laser rangefinders way back in 1992. Since then many companies have launched such a product, but the popularity of Leica stays unhampered. Leica 7×42 Geovid BD was the first model to have been introduced to the world.

The best part about Leica products is that they keep on introducing innovative technologies that make their products a treat use. Honestly, this is one quality why I love using the Leica models. And if you are an outdoor enthusiast like me then the Leica laser rangefinder will never fail you. For both hunters and birders, a rangefinder is useful. As is apparent from its name, it is device which helps in calculating the distance from the target. This calculation is accurate. These are completely accurate and speedy devices when it comes to calculations. The Leica Laser Rangemasters are integrated with unique ballistics system that has features three modes of application, 12 ballistic curves and three different zeroing ranges to deliver more accurate ballistics information. And yet these are easy to handle and portable. Hence, you can use these things conveniently in any situation. Moreover, these are especially suitable for long range hunting.


For those hunters who like to use classic reticles in the rifle scopes, Leica rangefinders will be just apt. These devices are packed with EHR (Equivalent Horizontal Range) which can cover 10 to 600 yards and follows the rifleman’s rule. Moreover, these are also accountable for declination and inclination of angles. Thus, any hunter will choose them over the regular binoculars. Versatility is a forte that Leica is definitely blessed with. All kinds of hunters can use Leica laser rangefinders. You might not necessarily have to use a firearm to hunt.

The quality of an optical device is decided by its lens. The outstanding optical technology from the Leica stable enables the hunters and shooters to aim correctly and clearly. Even if you are aiming from a long distance, the large field of view will help you to spot the targets quickly. The magnification of these devices can be as high as 7X. This further guarantees their performance.

Thus, the Leica laser rangefinders are a perfect amalgamation of high class optics and powerful magnification.

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