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Leica CRF Fulfills The Needs Of Passionate Hunters And Shooters

Leica is the leader in manufacturing optics and cameras which is today highly acclaimed
among hunters and shooters because of the variety of modern binoculars, optical scopes,
monocular and rangefinders. Leica is a global giant in producing cameras, with its list of
rangefinders also known as Leica Laser rangefinders; Leica has set a new benchmark. Here
good things come in small packages. While in terms of powerful photography the SLR digital
cameras were a revolution, the rangefinders gained even more popularity because it is much
advanced in terms of focus and precision.

Rangefinder cameras are smaller and easy to carry as compare to SLR cameras. They are also
known as monocular rangefinders. In the 1950s rangefinder cameras particularly became
popular. It became popular among wildlife and nature photographers due to its
interchangeable lenses, increased precision and better focus. The series of Leica
rangefinder in sport optics is better known as Leica rangemaster. These are compact,
monocular and precise devices that values performance. It features advanced technology and
high quality making it a sought after sights.

Leica CRF and Laser Rangefinders:
In terms of magnification and long-range view Leica rangefinder optics have different
usages. Leica Rangemaster 1000, Leica Rangemaster 1600 and Leica Rangemaster 1600 B, a
hunter can choose between them. However, Leica Rangemaster 1600 B is ideal for sports
application and has wider usage in field of view. It also offers brighter images of high
quality. Laser rangefinders have the newest technology and extremely advantageous to
shooters and hunters. These rangefinders offer a reliable range for the hunter’s target and
support night vision.

There is only a difference between Leica Compact Rangefinder (CRF) and Laser Rangefinder is
the night vision support such as Leica CRF 1200 and Leica LRF 1200. There is another
innovation from Leica that is Leica Monocular Rangefinder. As the name suggests they are
monocular, pocket-sized, compact, small yet powerful rangefinders. Moreover, the main
advantages are their 7x magnification and bright optics. The series of Leica Rangemaster
Monovid includes CRF 1000, CRF 1600 and CRF 1600 B.

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