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Latest Limited Edition Chris Kyle 1911 Pistol Released By Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory released limited edition Chris Kyle 1911 legend series of pistols last week in partnership with the Chris Kyle Foundation and the Kyle family. According to the company the portion of the sales proceeds will provide direct support to the Chris Kyle FROG Foundation.

Springfield is willing to honor famous US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle who chose Springfield Armory® TRP™ for its reliable performance and toughness in combat and credited in his best selling book “American Sniper” for saving is his life.

“In 2004, I bought a Springfield TRP™ Operator®, which used a .45 caliber round. It had a 1911 body style, with custom grips and a rail system that let me add a light and laser combo. Black, it had a bull barrel and was an excellent gun – until it took a frag for me in Fallajuh. I was actually able to get it repaired – those Springfields are tough.”

Taya Kule will auction Chris Kyle Legend Series 1911 TRP™ Pistol #1 at Springfield Armory® booth #5823 at the NRA annual meetings in Louisville, KY. The MSRP of the pistols is expected to be $2,499. The online Auction is going to be live on May 1st under Springfield Armory®’s charity account on Gunbroker.com till 3PM on May 21st at the NRA annual meetings. Anyone interested to bid live in the booth for the #1 limited edition Chris Kyle 1911 Pistol need to sign up at 2PM at Springfield booth and get a number and bidding paddle. The Live bidding will start at 2:45pm in the booth. Online bidding has reached $17,025.00 till now.
Chris Kyle 1911 Pistol-Features

Join The Auction Here – http://www.gunbroker.com/Item/554032581

Source: http://blog.springfield-armory.com/chris-kyle-1911-legend-series-trp-pistol

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