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Kimber Offers – Pistols For Everyone

It has been only a few decades ago that Kimbers had set its foot on the path of rimfire rifles after obtaining a contract from the Government of America. From the onset, Kimbers’ focus had been to maintain flawless quality products. After adding a few centrefire variations of rimfire rifles, Kimbers laid its hands on 1911 pistols. With phenomenal pace Kimber soon grabbed 40 per cent of the market of 1911 pistols. This newly established manufacturer introduced a wide range of Kimbers 45 1911 pistols.

Kimbers 1911 pistolsBeginning with the Custom family, Kimbers 1911 pistols in this category include the Kimber 45 1911 as well as the Kimber 9mm 1911. The Kimber 40 cal is not much in vogue. With fixed, adjustable or night sights and matte or polished finishes. These custom designs are either made from carbon steel or stainless steel. The elements that are common to all versions of this family is the Kimber Firing Pin Safety, which is indicated designated by ‘II’ in the model name, along with the rounded and blended edges that makes the pistol easier to carry. Barrels, barrel bushings, chambers and triggers are all machined to match with the grade dimensions. All the versions in this family have the ejection ports lowered and flared.  The dovetails machined into the slide hold on to the slides which are mounted on them.

The next family line which includes the Kimber 45 1911 pistols are the Compact II and Pro Carry II. These pistols have shorter grips; the pistols are encased in light-weight aluminum frames and all have 4-inch barrels which makes them overall light and easy to carry. With the chamber size of .45 ACP and a magazine capacity of 7, these Kimber 45 1911 pistols also in 9 mm is considered as the perfect 1911  pistols having all the features in line. Crimson carry is another set of Kimber 45 acp pistol which is easy to carry and projects a laser red dot which can be seen in any light. This red spot helps in guiding the shooter towards the target, particularly when the user is stressed. The light weighing Master Carry family of .45 Acp pistols are a recent addition in the Kimber family. With an aluminum round heel frame,  night sights, laser grips and a match grade barrel, this Kimber 45 1911 is an absolute delight to possess.

Kimber M1911 Pistol
The Kimber Tactical Pro II are available in 45 acp and in 9mm. These Kimber 9mm 1911 pistols do not compromise with any drawbacks. With standard features like night sights, trigger guard, front strap checkering, extended ambidextrous thumb safety along with match grade barrel, chambers and triggers, these Kimber 45 1911 pistols outruns all other 1911 pistols in terms of tactical performance.

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