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Kimber Mountain Line Rifles – A Review

Since 1911, Kimber Manufacturing has been known for their outstanding rifles. The brand produces exceptional high quality hunting rifles. In the recent years, Kimber has come up with Adirondack and Mountain Ascent. Both are perfect for mountain hunters. If you are unaware of it, Kimber has an exclusive Mountain line. These two rifles are impressive additions to this line. Hunting on the planes and mountains are quite different. In the mountain regions, the conditions are tougher to deal with and weight is a huge issue. The mountain line rifles are designed keeping this factor in mind. In fact, Kimber is rapidly becoming the rifle of choice for mountain hunters across the nation. Let’s review the Adirondack and Mountain Ascent for the users.

Kimber Adirondack Rifles

While packing your hunting gears for hunting in mountains, the Kimber Adirondack rifles are a must. It weighs merely 4lbs 13oz in both the .308 and 7mm-08 calibers. Quite similar to the other mountain series rifles, the Adirondack is packed with a match grade barrel, chamber, and trigger to ensure the best possible accuracy in the field. The 18” match grade barrel lies comfortably within a hand molded carbon fiber stock. Besides, it also has a threaded barrel so that the shooter can add a muzzle break, if necessary. In addition, the hollow bolt knob as well as the fluted bolt body keeps the weight down. However, it does not affect the strength of the action though. What is eye catching is the fact that Kimber Gore Optifade works as a camouflage in the forest pattern. This feature also makes the rifles quite unique. Add to this, its light weight, weather resistance, accuracy and reliability. Kimber Adirondack rifles come across as ideal choices for the mountain hunters.

Kimber Montana Rifle

Kimber Mountain Ascent Rifles

Do you have weighty issues with your rifles? Try out Mountain Ascent. You will be surprised at the lightness of the bolt action rifles. These are no fancy rifles. The Kimber Mountain Ascent 308, for instance, is a serious Winchester with 22 inch barrel. Ascent is a full-size rifle with the usual stock dimensions and length. It offers 4 rounds of magazine capacity and full-house performance. Coming to the barrel, Kimber engineers have kept it slender and fluted for the first half. The bolt, too, follows the slim line. The handle is a hollow and fluted one and they have given the magnum chambering a miss. Every care has been taken to ensure that any extra ounce is shredded without fail.

The muzzlebrake is removable. Whether it is good or bad for you is a matter of choice. Tools and a screw-on thread protector is supplied along with the rifle. The sound of the muzzle blast is not quite troubling for this rifle. However, when you are traveling to the mountains, it is important that you carry the minimum weight for your hunting gears. While shooing through them it must be remembered that the consistency will vary with loads.


Final Words

Whether you are going with Adirondack or Mountain Ascent is a personal choice. As far as performance is concerned, you cannot doubt either of them. Both the rifles work well with Carl Zeiss optics.

Kimber Adirondack Rifle Kimber hunting rifle Kimber Mountain Ascent 308 Kimber Mountain Rifle Kimber Rifle

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