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Kimber 45 Compact: The Pistol Than Conceals And Shoots

Kimber 45 compact comes with a host of custom features yet the price tag is middleweight. It has great looks full magazine capacity and authoritative stopping power. Many of the features that make a gun easy to carry also make it difficult to shoot well, because every design choice confers an advantage to one characteristic and exacts a penalty from another. Searching for the Golden Mean of 1911 concealing ability and combat utility, Kimber followed conventional wisdom by choosing a shortened barrel and alloy frame. They also thought outside the box by rounding the 1911′s traditionally squared-off grip frame for greater carry comfort and concealing. Their result brings you the firepower of the Government Model, but in a package that is lighter than the Officer’s Model and almost as compact. Its 4-inch barrel is at the smaller end of the 1911 breed, right between the 3.5-inch Officer’s Model and the 4.5-inch Commander, but the full-length grip frame gives it the same 8+1 capacity as the mighty 5-inch Government Model.

However, the Kimber 45 for sale is not a typical service pistol, a range toy or a race gun. It has been designed particularly for concealed carry. In addition it is also heavily customized for comfort and concealment. When you say these pistols are compact, it makes enough sense. These are small enough to be concealed under clothes yet these are big enough to make a difference with 9 rounds. The entire firearm has gently melted edges for carry comfort and snag-free presentation, and the front strap and the slide cocking serrations have a unidirectional fish-scale texture that grips your hands. The controls are gently rounded at the edges to avoid scraping your skin or snagging your jacket liner. The controls snap to attention with smooth precision, requiring neither too little nor too much force to actuate.

Kimber 45 compact

The recoil and muzzle flip, on the other hand, are quite stiff. Do not be taken by surprise if they turn out to be stiffer than expected. If you are planning to use sights as accessories along with these pistols, then go for Meprolight tritium sights. The all-metal Meprolight sights are rugged, quickly visible under all lighting conditions, and snag-free.

A little mention about the trigger is necessary. Kimber 45’s sharply-grooved giggle switch breaks consistently at exactly 5.0 pounds and is adjustable over travel. The pull weight is remarkably consistent.

Finally, the Kimber 45 compact has fine metal finishing and the assembly is unbeatable. There is no , scratch, void, flat, wiggle, rattle or blemish anywhere. It is just perfect.

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