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Kimber .22LR Bolt Action Rifle – A Review

The most essential quality in the hunting rifle is that it should be reliable and suitable for the owner. Thus, a prospective buyer should make a list of possible models and then visit his or her local gun shop and try each. Keep the rifle on your shoulder, operate the action, switch the safety on and off, dry fire the rifle. Then buy the one that fits best. Stock fit and ergonomics are important, so if a recommended rifle does not fit you, do not buy it. Even the best rifles in the market, like, the Kimber hunting rifles, should be tested prior to purchase.

Although a number of hunting rifles are available in commercial market today but a Kimber 22 rimfire rifle is my all time favorite. Over the years I have used various brands and models of hunting rifles but the Kimber guns have always been a pleasure to use. Like all shooters I have personal likes and dislikes but when it came to Kimber, I guess most gun users will have the same experience. Amongst the rimfire rifles, this brand had particularly suited me well. I also admire many discontinued rimfire rifles, such as the Browning A-Bolt Medallion, Winchester Model 52B Sporter and Model 9422 lever action, but they are not included here.

Kimber .22LR Bolt Action Rifle

The finish on this 22 caliber bolt action rimfire gun is superb.  You will want to show off the Kimber Rimfire a lot at the shooting range.  Accuracy for a gun of this style is very good.  The Kimber target sights, trigger and quality result in the high accuracy in this hunting rifle.  As compared to other heavy weights available in the market today, the Kimber might feel surprisingly lighter but its performance is outstanding. These are especially suitable for those who are generally new to using hunting rifles.

Although it scores in accuracy and performance but there are certain drawbacks as well. Kimber hunting rifles do not come cheap. These are expensive firearms. But there are no free lunches, are they?  For the true aficionados this would not be a problem, I guess!

It has the following features:

  •         Unloaded Weight: 10 lbs.
  •         Overall Length: 45.5 in.
  •         Barrel Length: 26 in.
  •         Rifling Twist: 14 inches
  •         Ammo to Be Used: Winchester 40 gr. LHP Lubaloy® Plated*
  •         CCI 40 gr. CPHP
  •         CCI 32 gr. CPHP
  •         CCI 32 gr. SHP
  •         Winchester 40 gr.

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