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Hunting Squirrels With Airsoft Guns


You can indeed use airsoft guns for hunting. However, there are some restrictions you have to be familiar with. Luckily for you, this article will cover everything you need to know and show you how you can hunt squirrels with airsoft guns and also, other medium/small sized animals.

We will start slow, so all of you who don’t know what an airsoft gun is, don’t worry! This article will take care of that information as well.


What is an Airsoft Gun?

This part of the article is not written just for those of you who haven’t heard of airsoft guns, but for all of you who are reading this. The information you will find here may be the reason why you become an airsoft gun expert.

So, what’s the story behind this cool name?

Airsoft guns are actually replicas of real guns. They are designed just like them, only they are less powerful. There are many types of them. You see, airsoft guns can be: spring powered, battery powered, gas powered and there are also hybrids.

Although the common energy ratings for airsoft guns are 1.2 J, there are models that generate more power.

These type of weapons, which are commonly called “BB guns” (that is incorrect by the way, but you have to keep it in mind because it is a very common mistake), are usually made out of plastic material, or biodegradable material.

They are designed that way so that they shoot only non-metallic projectiles.

The airsoft guns are a trend nowadays. Many people are using them for fun as well as for hunting.

Now that you get the general idea about airsoft guns, some pretty frequent questions must be answered. Can an airsoft gun kill an animal and how efficient are they with smaller animals, such as squirrels?


Rules Regarding Airsoft Guns and Hunting

Okay. First thing we need to clear is that – you can, indeed, use airsoft guns for hunting. Like we have mentioned before, the airsoft guns are nowhere near as powerful as real guns, but they can be used for hunting, and people commonly do.

With that being said, we have the answer to our frequently asked question. The answer would be – yes, an airsoft gun can kill.

What we need to address here is if airsoft guns are humane?

The short answer would – yes, again.

You see, airsoft guns should be used for the “small game” animals. The “small game” phrase is very common in the world of hunting, and by that, we refer to animals like squirrels, rabbits, birds. Although they are the most hunted ones, there are many other animals that also belong in the “small game” group that you can hunt using an airsoft gun.

With that being said, the area that you need to hit in order to ensure that you have made a humane kill, is small. Of course, that area isn’t the same for all of the animals. It varies from animal to animal; however, a standard rule is that it shouldn’t be bigger than an American quarter.


How Effective Is Hunting Squirrels With Airsoft Guns?

It all comes down to the guns you decide to buy and use for your hunting.

You need something well balanced in order to deal with animals from the “small game” group.

Here are some of the most popular airsoft guns that have been used for squirrel and chipmunks hunting:

  • Daisy 22SG

The Daisy 22SG gun is one of the best investments for airsoft hunting. The gun comes with a scope; it is less than $100; it has enough power to humanely kill squirrels from a 20 yards distance.

  • Benjamin 392 and 397

This airsoft rifle offers you a little extra power. It can successfully deal with raccoons and possums as well.

  • Reminger AirMaster

The Reminger AirMaster is quite similar to Daisy 22SG. It can humanely kill squirrels from up to a 20 yards distance; the gun’s price is below $90; it comes with a scope.

These three are the most commonly used airsoft guns for hunting. They are pretty old-school, but they represent an excellent mixture of value and price.

With that being said, airsoft guns can be quite effective in the “small game” area. You just need to make a good pick.


Important factors

Your efficiency also relies on some other factors.

  • The area that you will be hunting on

One of the most important factors that will determine whether you will return home with your prey or not, is where you hunt. You want a place that is crowded with animals of your desire, but you want the surroundings to be as quite as possible.

You can check some of the places that we find best for hunting by reading our article.

  • Stealth

Stealthy is healthy! Remember that, hunter!

This rule applies especially for the “small game” animals as they are pretty quick and can very easily escape. That’s exactly the reason why I had to mention stealth in this article. Many people accuse the airsoft guns of being inappropriate for hunting, right away after they lose their prey.

You must be prepared BEFORE you go into hunting. How can you be well prepared you may ask?

Well, you need to check as much of these fields as you can:

  • Learn basic hunting techniques and strategies
  • Find an airsoft gun suitable for your needs
  • Find other gear that is essential for hunting (learn more about it here)
  • Pick an area
  • Know your prey

The Final Verdict

With that being said, we are at the end of today’s article. If you follow all of the points from this article, we are quite sure you will become excellent at airsoft hunting pretty fast!

So, to give you the final answer regarding airsoft guns and squirrel hunting:

  1. Yes, airsoft guns can definitely kill.
  2. If you pick the right gun and gear, you will have a pretty effective method for hunting down squirrels and chipmunks.

About Mark Griffin

Hi, This is Mark Griffin, a professional camp instructor, a passionate hunter and wildlife enthusiast. I like to travel & participate in hunting events across the country and abroad. I have been reloading, shooting and hunting for over 15 years now. Beside, a professional Camp Instructor, I am an avid blogger and freelance writer. Plenty of my blogs/articles have been featured on popular hunting forums and web magazines. When not hunting, photographing, writing, or spending time with my 'kiddos', I usually try to master wildlife painting!
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