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How To Load And Empty The Benelli M4 Tactical Gun?

There are two ways of chambering a round with the Benelli M4 12 gauge. Though this might sound routine stuff, but what makes the difference is that for both of these ways, the gun needs to be cocked. The bolt of the gun is racked to the rear part where it auto-locks. In order to chamber the first round from the magazine tube, one needs to initially cycle the bolt to cock the action prior to loading the tube.

In the un-cocked position, the shell lifter is locked and therefore blocks the bottom loading port. In order to unlock the shell lifter for loading the magazine tube, the bolt must be fully forward once it has been cocked. There’s a red dot on display which serves as an indication for cooking when the bolt is closed.  To load the magazine, the shell lifter can easily be revolved out of the way.

Benelli M4 12 gauge

To get a round on the empty chambers after the magazine has been loaded, one needs to depress the ‘cartridge drop lever’ and allow the magazine to release the shell. Without doing this, it wouldn’t be possible to cycle the bolt. The user can also check for the coked status of the gun in two ways. He can either see it or feel it. In case the lever is found to be far off, either to touch or see and the lifter too is locked then that signifies that the gun is cocked.

One can manually open the lock of the gun only if it is empty. This can be done by cocking it once the trigger has been pulled after the last round. The automatic mechanism that the Benelli M4 civilian gun follows is also quite impressive. It must be noted that the bolt will unlock on its own when the last round of shot has been fired and will never unlock until there’s a shell present in its tube.

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In order to get rid of an unfired round, from the chamber of the Benelli M4 civilian gun, the user needs to cycle the bolt to the rear part, with the safety feature on. If there are no shells present in the magazine, then a push on the drop lever prior to cycling it will result in locking the bolt to the rear. Else, it will run in forward direction once again.

Unloading the magazine can be done in three ways. One can either hand cycle each shell. They can also do it by depressing the lever (that retains the shell) and take it through the loading port. The third way of doing it is by shooting the gun dry. Those looking to unload by manually cycling the action should push the drop lever every time. This will help in releasing the shell from the magazine.

These are the ways in which the M4 tactical shotgun works. Its features indeed make the gun quite impressive. The semi-auto features add to the convenience of using it. The price, at which the Benelli M4 tactical is available, makes it good bait for avid shooters.

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