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Holographic Sight and Red Dot Sight – A Comparison

Two of the most popular sighing mechanism for weapons include the holographic sights and red dot sights. In this regard, Eotech and Aimpoint are often pitted against each other. Although Eotech holographic sights are more but Eotech red dot sights are not uncommon either. As far as the differences between the two are not readily identifiable by just a simple side by side inspection and comparison.Here are some of the factors on which these two can be compared.

LED Reticle

When it comes to red dot sights, the low powered LED produces the reticle. On the other hand, the holographic sights use a more powerful laser that helps in producing the holographic image of the reticle.

Eotech Red Dot Sight

Battery Life

The reason why red dot sights from Aimpoint are preferred is because of its battery life. In fact, one of the biggest impact is the duration of the battery life for the sight. As the holographic sight consumes more power, it understandably dies quicker compared to a red dot sight. It is always recommended to turn off your sight if you do not intend to use it for some time to avoid draining the battery.


Parallax Issue

One of the biggest advantages of the holographic sights over the red dots is its immunity (almost) to the issue of parallax distortion. Parallax problems with red dot sights appear when the eye is not perfectly aligned with the sight, as in this case, the line that is drawn from the eye to the reticle and beyond is no longer parallel with the barrel. This problem is more pronounced as you increase the distance between the shooter and the target. The holographic reticle in a holographic sight is able to compensate for this misalignment, thereby reducing errors due to parallax distortion, even at very long distances.

Aimpoint Red Dot Sight

Both optics are hands-down winners, and each has strengths and weaknesses depending on the particular survival situation.  One sight might be quicker on target, while the other sight may be more likely to paint a target when pulled from the gun safe years later.

When it comes to disadvantages, there are also a few besides the reduced battery life stated above. Holographic sights are a little bit more complex compared to red dots sights. Due to this, holographic sights are a bit bulkier compared to red dot sights. Then there is the slight problem of temperature. Holographic sights are not as immune to temperature variations as red dot sights. So if you are going to a location which is too hot or too cold, then it may be better to carry a red dot sight instead of a holographic sight.

Aimpoint Holographic Sight Aimpoint Red Dot Sight Eotech Holographic Sight Eotech Red Dot Sight Holographic Sight Red Dot Sight

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