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Gun Buying On Decline For Hunting

There have been always speculations that gun buyers are concerned more with self-defense these days and according to The New York Times after Orlando incident, gun buying is on the decline for hunting.

The younger generations have fewer hunters,” said Thomas W. Smith, the director of the General Social Survey, an annual survey conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago. “Hunting is a traditional activity, and one that is declining in popularity.

Author suggested with the analytical data that there is 31% drop in US owning a firearm in 2014 compared to 1970, according to the General Social Survey. This certainly bad news for gun industry and community.

But for self defense, sell in assault rifles and concealable handguns have increased. Gun manufacturing companies like Smith & Wesson, a revolver making company is now market leader in AR-15-type rifles, offering 44 models.

Researcher and Advocate for Gun rights, David Kopel believes that the right of gun ownership and carry belongs to the people.

Despite movements and contentious national debate over gun regulations which could ban assault weapons in US, we should work more to encourage and reverse the trend in hunting. We have to keep hunting culture alive.

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