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Gear For Bear Hunting


Recently news came that Bear Hunting Season Begins in Florida which is available for resident and non resident hunters. Folks must be very delighted to here this but before you head out, make sure you have everything in order. Today I am going to show you some random but essential checklist that can help and lets you have best experience possible. In this count lets start with –


Get a pair of good Rubber Boots for yourself. In safari, its the most prime thing you gonna need. You would get some nice collection of hunting boots between $98.41 – $140.00. Don’t just go for cheap items at-least for boots. I would prefer LaCrosse but Bogs high boots are also really good and comes within budget. I am sure you would be needing a pair of slippers as well 🙂

Rubber Boot


Hunting Slipper


What next, its pretty obvious! You must carry Gun that you are proficient with 2-3 boxes of shells and Bow of choice with 2+dozen arrows with broadheads. I am not very good with bow but surely with my Benelli .270 caliber Rifle or Sako 85 is also a good option. Shooting grizzly is just superb with bolt action rifles. Check them out here –


Bow hunters can also look for some cool bows of Bear Archery. They make some real deadly bows in the industry. I have found one – “Infinite Edge Bow Package” quite impressive. It has jaw dropping draw length and draw weight range, the Infinite Edge Compound Bow Package from Diamond gives you maximum adjustability and unlimited value.

Hunting Bow


Choosing an appropriate rangefinder or bino is always been important for me. Swarovski makes some of real glass but expensive. Well its worth paying every penny for that and there isn’t any doubt for it but most of the time i carried out my Zeiss Conquest HD Binoculars 10×42. Its little low in price compared to Swarovski 10×42.

Zeiss Conquest HD


Simmons Rangefinder

Besides these essential gear, you gonna need some apparels, accessories and luggage to carry.

Hunting Apparel

Shooting Gloves

Shooting Gloves

Hunting Jacket

Medium Weight Hunting Jacket

Hunting Pant

Medium Weight Hunting Pant

Hunting Accessories

Hunting Light


Hunting Knife

Hunting Knives

GPS Unit

GPS Unit

Bear Spray

Bear Spray


Duffel Bag

Duffel Bag


I am geared up. How do you prepare for the Florida Bear Hunting?

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